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Researchers Develop Wearable Sensor Measuring Airborne Nicotine Vapour

Studies have shown that vaping probably has a minimal impact on indoor air quality.The report titled, “Nicotine Sensors for Wearable Battery-Free Monitoring of Vaping,”...

Nevada: New Regulation Bans Vaping in Public Spaces 

Vaping will now only be allowed in areas of casinos and stand-alone bars where minors cannot enter.The amended clean-air law was enacted during the...

Study: Parents who Vape are Generally Trying to Quit Smoking

"Our findings suggest that smoking parents who start using e-cigarettes may have done so out of a desire to quit smoking," said lead study...

Arizona Researchers Ignore Science and Warn Against E-Cig Vapor

A peer-reviewed study released last Summer, had compared e-liquid vapour to cigarette smoke, indicating that exhaled e-liquid vapour product particles are actually liquid droplets...

Research Looking at the Effect of E-Cig Vapour on Indoor Air

The authors of this study looked at the level of two types of particulate matter (PM) air pollution; lower measurement aerodynamic diameter (≤2.5 μm), PM2.5...

Study Indicates That Exhaled Vapour Particles Evaporate in Seconds

"No accumulation of particles was registered in the room following subjects' vaping. This shows us how fundamentally different exhaled e-vapour particles are compared to...

More UK vapers quit smoking as FDA faces shake-up

Number of UK switchers rises above 50% Action on Smoking and Health are increasingly unpopular with vaping advocates thanks to their support for excessive regulations,...