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Some Spanish Regions Have Banned Smoking Amidst Covid-19 Fears

The north-western region of Galicia has issued a blanket ban on smoking in the street and in public places, such as restaurants and bars,...

Spain Prepares New Tobacco Law

The Ministries of Finance and Health are separately working on ways to reduce tobacco consumption via two different routes, with the ultimate plan being...

VAPEXPO arrives in Barcelona 14th & 15th October

Press release. Barcelona, Spain: VAPEXPO, pioneer and founder of the International Exhibition of Vape. After the success of Vapexpo France that began in Bordeaux in 2014...

Spanish study suggests that smoking bans equate to less smoke exposure

The study which took place in Spain and was published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, suggests that contrary to what the tobacco industry has...

Spain transposes TPD elements in its regulatory framework

Restricted use in public places and reduced advertising On the one hand, vapers see their freedom of use of the electronic cigarette reduced in public...