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Another Study Investigates The Effect of California’s Tobacco 21 Law

In 2016 California passed a regulation raising the tobacco sales age limit from 18 to 21. Conducted by the Prevention Research Center of the...

Philippines Experts Urge Authorities to Raise Tobacco Age Limit

Age limits may just push teens to obtain substances illegally, at times from the black market where they are unregulated and possibly unsafe.The Philippines’...

Michigan Senate Approves 18% Tax on Vaping Products

The latest measure would change the age limit for purchasing tobacco and vaping products from 18 to 21 across the state.In September 2019, Democratic...

Experts’ Opinions On Ohio’s ‘Tobacco 21’ Movement

As a result of Tobacco 21, an initiative by the Preventing Tobacco Addiction Foundation, numerous cities across the state of Ohio are raising the...

Youth activists support raising tobacco age limit to 21 in Massachusetts

The young adults held banners, and each shared a reason why they support the legislation that was proposed earlier this year. The bill, “An...