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Canada: The Tobacco and Vaping Products Act is Open For Consultation

The TVPA was amended in 2018, to recognize vaping as a safer alternative to smoking, yet also to include measures to protect youth from...

CVA: Hospitalizations Due to EVALI Are in Steady Decline

Last November, the CDC had confirmed that the outbreak of EVALI, is almost certainly not linked with vaping legal nicotine products. Testing the lung...

Many Canadians Think E-Cigs Carry More Risks Than Benefits

Following the enactment of the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act (TVPA) last May, adults in Canada can now legally obtain nicotine-containing vaping products as...

Canada’s Official Stance on Vaping

A detailed description of the TVPA can be found on the Canadian Government’s website. The webpage explains that while for non-smokers taking up vaping...