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As surprising as it may seem, the World Health Organization (WHO) is strongly opposed to e-cigarettes.

In its view, nicotine is an enemy that must be defeated. Vaping does allow nicotine consumption, and even though it removes most of the risks of smoking, the WHO is still strictly against nicotine consumption. That means it is equally opposed to vaping.

The WHO therefore takes every opportunity to tell us what a dangerous invention the e-cigarette is, and regularly advises countries to ban it.

WHO’s Recent Vaping Question and Answer Section Called an “Absolute Scandal”

A key question that the WHO poses is: ‘Are e-cigarettes more or less dangerous than conventional tobacco cigarettes?’ Given all the science indicating the...

Vape Industry Experts Call For More Collaborations With Scientists

The industry needs to focus specifically on dialogue with individual governments, rather than continuing to unsuccessfully attempt to dialogue with the WHO.“Should we have...

THR Experts’ Panel Discussed Bullying and Lies Being Spread About Vaping

Premiered on CAPHRA’s (Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates) Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/caphraorg, and headlined “The battle between innovation and bully tactics,"...

Experts Warn Asian Leaders Against WHO’s Misguided Vaping Guidance

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) latest Tobacco Product Regulation (TobReg) Report has failed to consider all the scientific evidence in favour of tobacco harm...

FCTC COP9: WHO Reported Dropping Tobacco Use But Data Show Otherwise

While the Climate-related COP26 allowed the attendance of 2,360 NGOs, the FCTC COP9 just allowed 21 handpicked NGOs."As the WHO publishes its latest Global...

The WHO Can’t Afford to Get Wrong Again – Yet It...

“The World Health Organization's failure to declare a global emergency in 2020 will be repeated in 2021 when the WHO will likely abandon international...

Ongoing UN Climate Change Conference May Distract From FCTC COP9

“COP26 is all about following climate science and environmental evidence. However, COP9 is set to ignore compelling international science and completely dismiss significant human...

The WHO “Postponed” Tobacco Harm Reduction Talks Until 2023

A global broadcast hosting THR experts and consumer advocates for safer nicotine products, is being held during the same time as the COP9, to scrutinize and...
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