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PockeX Pocket AIO – Aspire

More simplicity To appeal to smokers, Aspire made several simplifications that perfectly fit to the PockeX. Its use has been simplified: filing, firing and vaping. In consequence,...

England: Smoking rate continues to decrease while vaping gains in popularity

Smoking rates are in free fall in the UK, with almost one point gained against tobacco from one year to the other, over the last...

Are nicotine-free e-cigarettes dangerous?

This article is not medical counselling. In case of doubt, ask a health professional. The question may be strange for experimented vapers but it seems...

Promising insights in the treatment of nicotine dependence

Historically, the increase of nicotine consumption is tightly linked to the expansion of the tobacco market. The adverse addictive effect of nicotine, as a...

Study confirms long-term safety of using nicotine patches

... but notices no improvement of cessation rates beyond 24 weeks of treatment Administered in this form as part of a withdrawal, the substance at the...