The Netherlands are in the process for implementing the EU TPD, foreseeing great changes on the market.

“We Willem-Alexander, by the Grace of God, King of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau, etc..”

This text “comes into effect on the first day of the third calendar month following the date of publication” in the Official Journal.

It is not yet, from a formal point of view, the implementation of the Tobacco Directive as such. It still lacks one of the important measures: the obligation for Tobacco manufacturers and importers to notify their products six months ahead of their commercialization. The European Commission’s harmonization effort to issue a single form is indeed not yet completed.

While a British study softens the toxicological risk of e-liquid bottles, the text makes sure that even if the European classification does not require them, the sentence “Keep out of reach of children” will be mandatory.

Starting on the entry into force of this Ordinance, manufacturers and distributors have between 3 and 6 months to comply with all the rules for labelling and packaging. For bottles of 30 ml and 2 ml clearomizers and over, Dutch vapers have three months to equip. A crisis that is already reflected in the online store ENB Ferro that suddenly sold off all its clearomizers above 2ml.

In the Netherlands, 26% of the population aged 15 and over, had smoked tobacco in 2012. According to the figures released the same year, 55% of the Dutch people had heard about the electronic cigarette. Although prohibited, the use of cannabis is tolerated under certain conditions. Will this kind of tolerance apply to the electronic cigarette?

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