The framework for e-cigarette in Spain becomes more precise

Restricted use in public places and reduced advertising

On the one hand, vapers see their freedom of use of the electronic cigarette reduced in public places. The personal vaporizer is actually banned in any public administrations and public entities, in the health centers, services and even facilities such as outdoor or covered spaces. Furthermore, its use is prohibited in children’s parks or children’s playgrounds.

On the second hand, smokers who are thinking about smoking cessation will not see as frequently as before the promotion of the products related to the electronic cigarette.
Advertising is only allowed in Spain on “media and time slots that are not affected by the tobacco law”. For example, no advertising is possible in the broadcast media between 16 and 20 hours. It is also prohibited in emissions programs for minors under 18 years and a quarter of an hour before and after their release.

In France, the Minister of Health and Social Affairs, Marisol Touraine announced this morning her wish to further reduce advertising. Similar measures to those applied in Spain could therefore soon emerge in other European States, but it will take a few weeks to know all the details.

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