A meeting between the vape beginners experienced vapers and sellers

Colin Robertson, a vaper for over a year and a half, held an event dedicated to the electronic cigarette of a genre a bit different compared to those we are used to talk about. It was in Glasgow, Scotland, on May 3rd 2015.

Noting that the usual events putting together vapers only interest insiders, the inhabitant of Glasgow wanted to organize something different, accessible to people who are becoming interested in electronic cigarettes, which are reluctant to step in or who just start: A “school of vape”.

Convinced that it is in this type of appointment that they might find relevant information, Colin Robertson held a completely free dating for vaping beginners with industry vendors and experienced vapers.

New Nicotine Alliance (NNA), a British association concerned by the reduction of smoking risks through the “new” product of nicotine, was also invited. The NNA members informed visitors about the electronic cigarette and its own missions.

In Glasgow, the vape is welcomed and services of smoking cessation promptly suggest to smokers the e-cigarette as a less dangerous alternative to smoked tobacco.

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