Finland may prohibit vaping in open public places, events or participants stand motionless


A text in agreement with the intention to eradicate nicotine products by 2030

The Finnish project to implement the European TPD has just been made public. At this stage of the procedure, a consultation is open with stakeholders. The proposal incorporates the measures of the Directive, brings the necessary details and adds new restrictions.

In a country that has developed a national plan to eradicate nicotine products by 2030, the electronic cigarette is clearly not welcome and accompanied by a robust propaganda.

Juhani Orelma, regular editor of the association “Vapers Finland”, published in English the measures envisaged and brought us some details about the state in Finland.

According to the vaper, the text does not refer to any scientific argument, and would be justified by a desire to harmonize the supervision of vape with that of tobacco, child and public protection, and to stick to the planned eradication of nicotine products at the horizon 2030.

The sales and, in general, the supply of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid are prohibited to under-18s and requires the mandatory presence of a seller. It logically follows the prohibition of vending machines and the distance sales. Consumers will not have the right to receive any vape products shipped from out of the country and risk fines. As for sellers, they will have an annual license for an estimated cost of 500 euros.

Based on an evaluation that one e-liquid bottle would be equivalent to 200 cigarettes irrespective of the level of nicotine, the text foresees prohibiting the importation of more than e-liquid flasks over 10 ml that do not show mandatory warning labels in Finnish and Swedish, the two official languages ​​in Finland.

The flavored e-liquids will simply be banned but concentrated aromas remain legal. Nevertheless, the packaging of concentrated aromas should not suggest any use with e-liquids and must be sold separately from e-liquid flasks.

The use of personal vaporizers in enclosed public places will be prohibited as well as during outdoor events where participants would stand still.

Finland has about 5.5 million citizens, the smoking prevalence is 16% and the number of vapers is estimated at 50,000 people.

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