Tanks and e-liquid are now available for their “Cigalike”

The Company that purchased Lorillard in 2014 has been distributing the e-cigarette brand Vuse, a “cigalike”  model with a sealed cartridge (a closed system proprietary to the brand). According to the firm, share of this model is expanding on the market and represents 27% in the US, with direct competitors like Mark Ten, blu or NJOY.

The presentation (November 2015) defines new commercial plans among which an evolution of Vuse to maximize the potential of its cartridge electronic cigarettes and lever “superior technology” to compete with Mods, tanks and e-liquids. The company details some innovations that would make it a “Vapor Authority”. This last point not only suggests the improvement by Reynolds of an existing technology of e-cigarettes using reservoirs (tanks) that can be re-filled manually but also some technological innovations.

BAT-RJR-Logos_092215The group announced a strategic merging with British American Tobacco, distributor of Vype. By this marriage between Vype and Vuse, the Company aims at strengthening its world-class vapor expertise and, by sharing technical knowledge, to step forward to a new generation.

Reynolds expects the “performance of a tank with the simplicity of a cigalike” with the Vuse Port.

Screen-Shot-2015-11-17-at-09.18.14The illustrations included in this presentation finally show a system visually close to a box mod (Vuse Pro), but information is not provided about its technical characteristics and performance.

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