New version of the famous Pipeline Pro

038.CR2_Pipeline and Dicodes! All vapers interested this question are a little familiar with this brand, and most opinions are generally expressed without giving it a try.

This evolution of the Pipeline Pro 2 comes on a market dominated by Boxes and their power sometimes increased for no reason except to show the biggest. On this Chinese and American eldorado, prices have also soared drastically and it is not uncommon to find devices above 150/200 euros.

I have tested some of them and, believe me while asking me where would ultimately go these 200 euros, at least not in the manufacturing quality and even less in longevity. I could name several brands but that is not my point here…

The only machine of my collection that did not age despite intensive use is, of course, my Provari P3 that does no longer allow me to vape on resistors lower than 0.7 Ohm. And yes I know, I could update it but it bothers me to have to send it to whomever and still have to pay for it!

048.CR2_Added to this a dose of temperature control, of downsizing and you get the variables of my test of this beautiful Pipeline Pro 2 that I cannot help comparing to my beloved P3 and also to very recent boxes like SX mini, the Vapor Shark DNA 40, the Hana modz or EVIC VT by Joyetech for their technology.

To be quite complete in this preliminary tour, I have not had the opportunity, to my great sorrow, to test the previous Pipeline Pro.

Is the Pipeline Pro2 worth the price with regard to the vape market in July 2015? Especially with respect to the numerous boxes that have to date my preference on the tubes?

055So this proud Germanic object is in my hand, beside my Provari, that I considered the top-end model of the global electronic Mod production.

The finish worths its name as it does not exist to date anywhere else except in Provari.

This Pro 2 first surprised me by its ergonomics in the sense that the caliber is far more moderate compared to a P3 in 18,650. However, I frankly confess my disappointment with regard to the packaging that reflects in nothing its top-end rank.

And it continues with the bitter observation that no manual, even succinct, is present in the packaging. I understand the minimalist look and format but I deplore the absence of user-manual. Even Provari had put a USB stick in its package…

033.CR2_My disappointment continues beyond the packaging whenI realized that you must choose between 18,650 and 18,500 on purchase. Or you have to buy an additional cap if you are looking for versatility between the two formats. The Pro 2 is not scalable and this is possibly where lies the difference in price between the Pro 2 and a P3.

To continue, I had in horror electronic mods with a single knob but Provari has proven reliability and I now accept it pretty well, although I must admit that it’s still far less intuitive with only one button!

042.CR2_That said, it goes with its robustness that, according to popular rumors, is first class. And I confirm it by reporting the feedbacks of somebody who dropped it from his motorcycle at 90km/h or lost it overnight in the snow without any damage. I thank him, by the way, for being part of my panel of “furious users” .

As you can see, the preliminary review of this Pro 2 reveals nothing extraordinary but elegance and robutness. Its size and its excellent facture quality are impressive and, in July 2015, it is, in my opinion, the best product ever met on this market…

The Pipeline Pro 2 confirms its intrinsic qualities and reveals an updated electronic chip of highest quality

039.CR2_Let’s first talk about its maximum power of 40 Watts. The Pro 2 limits the maximum power to 40 W, which is already twice that of a Provari v1 and my P3, and that should satisfy more than 90% of vapers.

The main pitfall to this limitation may arise when using the new setting of temperature. I found myself using more than 40 W, sometimes, but to be honest, it is very punctual and uninviting with regard to the excessive heat produced by the mod.

Anyway, 40 W in power for this Pipeline Pro 2 is more than enough to my tests of this temperature control. I have however been able to find the limits of the Pro 2 in a single occasion: at maximum power when the battery was almost down, I saw the “error message 4” when using the temperature setting. A quick battery change fixed the issue but I wished I had been warned a little bit in advance of it.

Apart from this temperature control setting, the power of 40 W is more than enough even for resistors around 0.5 ohm that tend to spread right now over the market in the iSub, Atlantis, etc…

At the moment, I am vaping on an iSub G coupled to a 0.46 ohm resistor that fits flush in the Pro 2. And I really enjoy this comfort with only 15/16 W, using the heat Protection Mode set to the index 10 or the factory Boost setting. My vape is delightful and the atomizer does not heat at all.

Speaking of battery, the Pro 2 will keep you informed of the conventional voltage but also of the voltage when loading. Too much difference between the two values ​​is the sign of a tired battery or that a connection needs checking. That is a significant guarantee of safety.

045.CR2_With regard to the size and compactness, the Pro 2 is one of the most ergonomic tubular mod available. It may even bring you back to the tubes because its ergonomics is the biggest difference compared to the Provari P3 that looks impressive and much longer.

This Pro 2 does not innovate, it’s true, but it is of a remarkable compactness. Sincerely, it will probably soon take the place of my Vapor Shark that in less than six months looks ruined…

This Pro 2 is a “Premium” mod with regard to its top finish and elevated price

043.CR2_In terms of aesthetics, I frankly found my groove although I do have a slight preference for the more pleasant Provari touch, especially when heating hard. I would also add that the Pro 2 is prone to fingerprints but  it remains that the manufacture is excellent.

The material is of higher quality than the majority of the competitors and its appearance is perfect, especially the threads. For the Fire, no fuss everything is perfectly controlled!

053.CR2_This Fire is in metal like the Provari but not backlit and I must confess my preference for the Pro 2 as the more prominent button is more enjoyable for everyday’s use. It also prevents the mod from rolling off a flat surface. Beyond these practical considerations, the operation of Fire is exemplary on this model.

Aesthetically very traditional, of unparalleled compactness among the tubular electronic mods and with a perfect finish, the Pipeline Pro 2 doesn’t really change compared to previous versions but it keeps its supremacy in terms of manufacturing quality. The German excellence is again achieved through this product!

Technical review

Here are the principal features:

  • 5 to 40 Watts
  • Up to 12V output voltage
  • Up to 15A output current
  • OLED display
  • Temperature controlled vaping (possible with various wires)
  • Heat Protection Function
  • Power Boost Function
  • Unregulated vaping possible (‘Bypass’ electronic overload protection)
  • Battery shutdown voltage adjustable from 2.5V to 3.0V
  • Resistance check
  • Displays battery voltage under load
  • Adjustable brightness display
  • Set the length of time the menu is displayed
  • Set the standby time
  • Personalise click setting from 0-5 to activate device
  • Info menu
  • Battery capacity measurable
  • Atomizer resistance range from 0.05 Ω to 5 Ω is possible
  • Atomizer resistance from 0.2 Ω to 3.5 Ω (40 W) -Reverse polarity protection
  • Abnormal temperature protection
  • Unique serial number / 0145 for testing
  • 2 year warranty on the electronics
  • Design by Thomas Wilms
  • Made in Germany by Dicodes
  • Thread: 510
  • Material: Stainless steel 1.4305
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Height: 94 or 104 mm
  • Weight: 123 g
  • Battery Option: 18,500 and 18,650 depending on your initial choice, but not the 2 sets
  • Design: polished metal
  • Bottom cap with spring connection (lock for the battery)
  • Fixed connection Pin
  • Step down technology allowing a power output less than that of the battery
  • Downloadable Manual

Fixed connection pin, high precision temperature control and very simple use through the menu

058For the Pro 2, the selection of a compliance with a 18,500 or a 18,650 battery is achieved on purchase by choosing the bottom cap accordingly. Hence, you can not swap with another format of battery except if you buy one cap of each format, which will set your Pro 2 at the same price as the P3.

The threads are of excellent quality, smooth and even of a better finish than in the P3. The information display is an OLED with possible brightness adjustment.

041.CR2_Obviously the manufacturer anticipated a lefty use that is quite simple to find in the setting menu as long as you have downloaded and carefully read the user manual: Reach the menu “Display dir” then wait for the letter turns white to click L for Left…

About the menu operation

The important thing to understand with this completely unintuitive menu is to wait until the value appears on a white background to access the settings. If you do not wait, the next click takes you to the following menu and you are good for another turn.

Conversely, if you stay too long on a setting that does not interest you and the value turns white, take care not to inadvertently disrupt it. You will have to wait until the display turns off and start all over again from the initial steps.

Here is a good tip, a important manipulation to do at first is to swap from “one” click menu to “two”, this will allow you to vape by one long press on Fire and access the menu by two clicks.

True, I did not like these commands with a single button because it is painful when not adequately set up. But I must also recognize that after the excitement of the discovery, I did not go that often through this menu.

It is a pity that the best two manufacturers in the world share the same single button “process” when I consider the simplicity of my eVic-VT with its large screen and wheel.

But the most important remains here the quality of vape, and this electronic chip delivers premium vape that will show you the difference between good products and the rest of the market.

Pipeline Pro 2 is comfortable, offers a high density of steam thanks to the chip, which makes the vaping experience unique. It is difficult to realize it if you haven’t tried it and I admit that such a high tech Mod is worth the investment.

The gap becomes narrow between the different brands and I particularly think in Kangertech and Subox that offer an excellent vape quality. But the benefit of purchasing the Pipeline Pro 2 is to receive an homogeneous kit combining a near-perfect vaping, manufacturing and design quality, and a long term durability.

No further discussion is needed to recognize the luxury: Quality has a price, the trick is to know where one prefers to invest!

A fixed connection pin

036.CR2_That’s the big question behind this Pro 2 because the fixed pin abviously avoids washers issues but it also limits in range the fittable atomizers. For example, the Subtanks are not fitting flush, a small gap appears between the mod and the atomizer that can be dramatic for the thread if the atomizer falls down.

We are far from a super versatile P3 system that fits flush with almost everything. For me it is the only thing that could make me reconsider this purchase.

An unintuitive electronic menu at first sight but very comprehensive in the setting of temperature

044.CR2_With no user manual, it is impossible to find one’s way or at least very difficult! Beside that, this manual has the great merit of being short, very clear and informative. Especially with regard to the temperature mode. I finally fixed the issues by carefully reading it. Thank you Madam, thank you Sir!

After setting up your battery with caution because the electronic board is not protected on the inside, it is ready for operation. You don’t have to unlock anything, which I find comfortable and certainly safer on the long-term.

Upon starting, you have access to a limited array of options through which you can browse with a single click. The first click gives you access to the Power adjustment, the second will set it down, the third will allow you select the resistor, the fourth will indicate the voltage of the battery, and the fifth will allow you to choose between 5 modes, among which Temperature, Power and Power Boost are in my opinion the most useful.

052.CR2_An additional click will allow you deactivating the Fire and a last one will grant you access to the wonderful extended functions menu. As on my P3, I really appreciate the Boost Mode that wakes up the resistor instantly to give you its very best right away!

The extended functions menu is very straightforward when reading the user manual. I however noticed strange features like a setting of the Boost level in a sub-menu of temperature since it doesn’t affect the temperature… anyway!!

I won’t go detailing all menus but I want to focus on the Temp Menu that allows you tuning temperature with precision. The two other “System and “Info” modes gather all available parameters for the Pro 2. The latter shows a non resettable counter for the number of puffs (cycles) and the total vaping time. It can be useful on the secondhand market, to make sure of the correct use it the device. It has also a daily counter that can be reset to evaluate your vaping numbers.

Temperature control

056The temp control mode is configurable for different types of heating coils, provided that the temperature coefficient is available for each one.

I now have one more perspective on these settings via temperature control and I can confirm that the Pro 2 is the most successful to date and this is thanks to the user manual.

The manual provides pertinent information regarding the type of wire and its temperature coefficient and now I better understand the distinctions between Nickel, Titanium, Tungsten or Stainless steel. The Kanthal is still absent from the list.

This manual is also the first pointing out the necessity of calibrating the resistor before first use for an efficient temperature control. Thank you!

049.CR2_To be straightforward, when placing a new resistor you will have to check that the self-calibration is disabled in the extended menu and the sub menu “System”. Then you can select the “tempCof” value of the temperature coefficient that corresponds to the material, for example 320 for the Nife Dicodes’ wire, 620 for Nickel or 520 for Titanium, which are the most common to date.

Then you mount your resistor and select “tempCtr” that will allow you access to the settings of resistor’s temperature. You have now to calibrate it via “CalibrInit” which is part of the simple menu in the “Temp” mode. You have to click on the three stages of this calibration that are Init/Confirm/Process. And it is done!

And don’t forget that all must be done at room temperature, around 20°C.

The ideal choice of temperature remains a mystery to me! But my vape is fine with Ni at a temperature of 250°C.


For knowing the remaining charge, you will get three indications: the battery logo, the remaining battery voltage and the battery charge, when browsing the menu. Logo is imprecise and rather unnecessary but other information may be indicative of battery health.

050.CR2_In practice, this temperature control largely convinced me. The manual points out the importance of prior calibration in the temp mode. Without this calibration, adjustment via the temperature is totally unusable. This is undoubtedly the best to date.

By the way, I am not at all convinced by the media hype pretending that it saves the battery and reduces liquid consumption.

For the remainder settings, they all are dedicated to adjust the Pipeline Pro 2 to your needs.

Finally, I understood a futile but very practical thing that is not necessarily clear in the user manual. In the menu accessible by a simple click, I did not understand why it was never starting at the same place, and why the numbers were becoming white and could not be changed! In fact, the display starts where you last left it, provided that you allowed the numbers to appear on a white background before switching off. If your last query was the battery charge, when you call the menu again, this will the first information displayed on the screen. Handy !!!

In Summary

The “+”:

  • Achieved Temperature control
  • Remarkable compactness in 18,650 for a tubular design
  • Chip/high-end microprocessor offering dense and constant vape
  • Sober and elegant design
  • Switch button smooth and flexible
  • Reasonable power consumption and choice of the battery cut-off voltage
  • Compatible with very low 0.05 Ohm resistors
  • Flawless finish
  • Perfectly readable OLED screen
  • Left-handed mode
  • High performance and safety
  • Balanced Weight
  • Minimal packaging
  • Excellent reputation and image
  • Discrete but class logo

The “-“:

  • Manual available online
  • Limited to 18,650 and/or 18,500 depending on your choice
  • Fixed connection Pin
  • Power limited to 40 watts
  • Coating/finish too smooth
  • Access to settings by a single Switch button
  • Improved menu but not intuitive for beginners
  • Design unchanged for this second version
  • Vertical Oled Screen
  • High price


Rating of 5/5. Even if this Pipeline Pro 2 does not make the buzz compare to its predecessor, it has the merit of maintaining the supremacy of the brand in almost all areas. A classy and serious vape!

And yes, again a 5/5 on a product at 200 euros! I am the first to be annoyed but I recognize that the quality, reliability and robustness have a price. That’s logical.

Moreover it reconciled me with the tubes that I had partially abandoned for boxes, more modern and attractive, ergonomically. To date, no box has this level of manufacturing quality and they are generally far from it, in fact.

If the aesthetics of this version has only slightly evolved, it has been updated to the the latest innovations of 2015. Without being revolutionary, the Pipeline Pro 2 takes the lead on almost every technical aspect.

I just deplore the fixed connection pin that restrains the choice of the atomizer for such a beautiful flush set. Pipeline should provide small rings to fill the gaps (smile)!

At this very high price the European Pipeline Pro 2 outruns his American and Chinese rivals and maintains its supremacy!

Value for money
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
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Reviewer for the past 3 years, I've tried most of the popular products available on the market. My conclusion about the best vaporizer ? The one that simply fits your need and makes you forget tobacco.
pipeline-pro-2Even if this Pipeline Pro 2 does not make the buzz compare to its predecessor, it has the merit of maintaining the supremacy of the brand in almost all areas. A classy and serious vape!
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5 years ago

Published Sunday, March 5, 2017 Updated Wednesday, March 8, 2017
nano e cig useless

My 1st message after 3 days use
Some problems
1. Filling with liquid, very difficult
2. Liquid leaking at top into my mouth
3. Liquid easily leaks onto holder

I bought these because they were advertised as made in Germany, not China as most others, I thought it would be quality, I own a Mercedes.
After 3 days I emailed them with some problems:
They replied quoting the conditions for return which basically meant if I had used in any way no chance without a minimum of 30% plus postage costs.
SINCE then 5 days later
They have become almost unusable
Apart from my original complaint the liquid which is sticky has started leaking from the bottom also the so called instructions do not show the model they sent, at least not what they sent me?
In the publicity they say for smokers 8 a day, they barely last as 4 cigs would.
My advice find another.