The Norwegian Institute of Public Health has issued an unfavorable report for the e-cigarette in April 2015

The European TPD chosen as the regulatory model for e-cigarette in Norway

Currently, the sales of electronic cigarettes containing nicotine is banned in Norway. Advertising on these products is also prohibited, as well as the sales to minors.

MP Morten Wold then logically raised grounds for hope when he announced that his party would put up the ban to legalize the sales of nicotine e-liquids. He recognized that the personal vaporizer had a lower risk profile than tobacco and it thus represented a good alternative to smoking.

Finally, the Norwegian government has chosen to implement the TPD, as had anticipated the Norwegian Vapers Association. Yet, Norway is not required to act according to the EU directives since the Scandinavian country is not a member of the European Union.

The bill is accessible online. It is not necessary to be fluent in Norwegian to identify explicit references to the TPD.

Norwegian vapers then expect the same consequences as in the other European countries.

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