French deputies voted to ban vaping in collective enclosed spaces

For deputies, “It would not be coherent to establish obligations for vapers that do not exist for smokers”

The use of a vaporizer within closed work spaces had led to heated exchanges during the debate in committee. It was concluded the obligation to provide spaces for vaping in enclosed and collective workplaces.

In plenary session today, the deputies rejected this provision. Among the reasons, the lack of coherence “to establish most important obligations for electronic cigarette than for tobacco” in schools or in businesses.

On May 20th 2016, e-cigarette users, for many of them non-smokers, will have to go on sidewalks to vape alongside smoker colleagues.

“The 1,000,000 French vapers, saved from tobacco, have no freedom of speech. The legislator prohibits any comment with regard to the e-cigarette’s success.” Brice Lepoutre, AIDUCE.

By the way of its President Brice Lepoutre, the AIDUCE lets us know that “the fight is going on“. The French vapers’ Association deplores that the efforts to demonstrate the positive reality of vaping have not been heard by the government. Members are outraged against the elected officials who mimic the measures for tobacco products and “prevent communication and expression on this product (i.e. the electronic cigarette) that contains no tobacco”.

Article 5 of the current health law project plans to add a new article to the Public Health Code :
Art. L. 3511-7-1
Vaping is prohibited in :

1. The schools and institutions, reception desks, training and accommodation for minors;

2. The covered public transport;

3. The covered and closed workplaces for public use.

A decree in Council of State fixes the conditions for applying this article.


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