The UK transposes the provisions of TPD's Article 20 on advertising

Websites and online applications could be affected by a very restrictive regulation

The UK site specialized in the electronic cigarette, Planet Of The Vape (POTV), was able to examine drafted measures concerning the advertising of spray that could be applied with the transposition of the Directive on Tobacco Products (TPD) in 2016 in the UK.

The British website interpretes these measures as a complete ban on the advertising of vaping products in the country.

On the one hand, advertising of electronic cigarettes in the press would be considered a crime. The publisher (the manufacturer of e-cigarette for example) and the buyer (daily, weekly…) would both be considered in violation.

Secondly, we learn from reading these “temporary” measures that the advertising of the electronic cigarette will no longer be allowed in the information society services. Behind this term, one finds all the electronic media, with among other websites, blog, online applications that would be so affected by this very restrictive regulations.

The position of the health department had been presented at the last conference “E -cigarette Summit” held in London on 12 November. The representative of the Health Department, Beryl Keeley, in charge of the TPD in the UK had commented without enthusiasm on the principles adopted for its transposition (Slides 1 and 2). This is what tweets Sarah jakes, an official from the New Nicotine Alliance who attended the meeting.

More information on POTV website.


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