The United States presidential election of 2016 is scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, and a dozen of Republicans candidates and 3 Democrats are currently on campaign trails towards the White House.

Among them are vaping advocates, even vapers or, on the opposite side, candidates who clearly demonstrated their position against vaping.

The math say 235 million potential voters, 130 million effective voters, 9 million vapers and an additional 40 million smokers who might quit smoking using e-cigarettes.

“A vaper who votes consistently is a much more influential advocate than one that doesn’t.” is an initiative of the vaping advocate group Not Blowing Smoke, leaded by Stefan Didak, who are rallying their members to play a more active part in the political process. They remind politicians that each vaper has a voice and assure that vapers are paying close attention to every law on e-cigarettes, claiming they will vote accordingly.

In the absence of any federal regulation on vaping products, states and cities are playing their own game and, in most cases, this game is in the disadvantage of vapers who see their rights reduced, exposed to the same limitations as tobacco smokers. Bans in public spaces, extra taxes, over-regulations and raise of the legal age, as in Hawai’i or in at least 115 localities in nine states . Some of those laws have already been passed and are currently being enforced for a product that is seen by some health experts and lawyers as a revolutionary mean for fighting against smoking.

“If you vape and care about your rights to continue to do so, please vote!” even calls to start voting out the politicians that have acted against your interests as a user of vapor products and e-cigarettes.‘s first “victim” has been the New Mexico Democrat Rep. Elizabeth Thomson who lost her re-election bid to Conrad James by just a few hundred votes.

In contrast, rewards the vaper and CA Rep. congressman Duncan Hunter for his pro-vaping campaign after his statement in favor of a change in the Grandfather date. Others are expected to come… but how to identify them?

“Do you have a candidate that is pro-vapor?”

Pro-vape candidates who deserve of the attention of vapers can be named on’s webside. A contact form is available in order to report statements or facts that support their pro-vaping campaign.

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