A petition in support of the electronic cigarette is addressed by the BFVP (Belgian Federation of Vaping Professionals) that calls the vaping community to sign this petition to be sent to the Government and Ministry of Health, Maggie de Block.

Pétition de soutien à la cigarette électronique

The Government is about to examine the Bill relating to health. In the Article 53, the government requests permission to make an order of the measures to transpose the European directive 2014/40 / EU on tobacco products.

BFVP consider this government’s request inadmissible for the following reasons:

  • The electronic cigarette does not contain tobacco and produces no combustion, the proposed restrictions are inappropriate and disproportionate.
  • The prohibition of tanks with a volume of more than 2 ml will drive to disappearance of the majority of personal vaporizers acclaimed by consumers. They are more innovative and efficient products than those resembling to tobacco cigarettes favored by the EU directive. So far little known in Belgium, the latter are manufactured by subsidiaries of the tobacco industry, and designed to encourage mixed use.
  • The electronic cigarette is presented as being as harmful as tobacco, while there is no evidence so far of its harmfulness.
  • The nicotine solution is considered highly toxic despite the EC 1272/2008 regulation on classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP Regulation).
  • Limiting the volume to 10 ml of packaging units is supposed to reduce the risk of skin exposure. This risk, according to the CLP classification does not exist. This limitation will result in a sharp increase in consumer costs and wastage have a negative environmental impact.
  • The nicotine concentration limit of 20 mg/ml is much more stringent than that applied to tobacco cigarettes, and prevents the adoption of a healthier alternative to over 20% of smokers by an insufficient dosage.
  • The need for a constant diffusion of nicotine is not required for tobacco products and not based on any scientific finding.
  • The information required on labels are not required for tobacco products.
  • The prohibition of advertising is based on the principle that the electronic cigarette is dangerous, what multiple studies are challenging.

BFVP therefore asks the Government not to ratify the enabling act on the draft health-related legislation. As a representative of electronic cigarette users, BFVP refuses to debate without being consulted for future legislation regarding electronic cigarette.

It is simply inconceivable that decisions are debated in the absence of the most concerned

The professional association therefore calls on all users to sign this petition to express their disagreement with the forthcoming government’s manoeuvre and not be excluded from the proceedings that will lead to final legislation, if justified. It is simply inconceivable that decisions are debated in the absence of those most concerned.


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  1. One downside of this information is that it is just a translation of why the BFVP dont like the TPD etc. It doesnt say how many signatures are needed or how long it runs for.

    • hi dear,
      We need a maximum of signatures. The petition started two days ago.
      No finish date for the moment. We just need a maximum of signatures.
      Thanks very much


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