The HCSP recognizes that the e-cigarette can help smokers to quit smoking but fears the renormalization of smoking and a gateway effect to tobacco

The French High Council of Public Health’s report recognizes that the electronic cigarette can be considered as an aid to stop or reduce smoking but still fears a gateway effect to tobacco and a renormalization of smoking because of the positive image conveyed by its marketing and its visibility in public spaces.

The HCSP recommends informing, without advertising, both healthcare professionals and smokers that the Personal Vaporizer may be an aid for smoking cessation and a harm reduction device provided that the user stops smoking.

The HCSP is in favor of a maintain of the ban on advertising and on vaping in public areas, it promotes studies and wishes to engage reflection on a “medical electronic cigarette”.

Update on February 24, 2016
The report is available in French, here


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