A “pixie dust” against all side-effects of vaping

Last February 10, 2016, Rip Trippers published a Youtube video where he was promoting a thirst quencher powder that cured all  side-effects that appeared after two years of vaping. Muscle cramps, headache, dry mouth and skin, Rip Trippers describes all side-effects he experienced. He assures that after trying the powder, all these issues vanished miraculously. By publishing his video, the blogger with 650,000 followers was about to touch another audience.

Raspberry or grape…

As soon as his video appeared online, his followers and the community reacted vigorously. Rip Trippers, from vaping hero had just turned into traitor for two major reasons. First, a strong suspicion of disguised advertisement was hanging around the topic of his video. Second, probably the most important thing, his story (right or wrong) was bringing discredit upon health risks of vaping, a very sensitive topic.

A video removed three days later

The general outcry forced the reviewer, three days later, to remove the video from his channel. In the following one, Rip Trippers did not retract his comments but ended his speech with this message: “By respect for the vaping community, I removed the last video. Although my intentions were good, I agree with most vapers that it was clumsy and could be misinterpreted.”

Finally, the reviewer gets out of the story with a seriously curtailed image and a drastic loss of followers. Since then, none of his videos reached 250,000 views while his most popular ones exceeded 3,000,000 views.

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