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eVic VTwo Mini by Joyetech

With the eVic VTC Mini, Joytech made a buzz and set up the world standards for compact box mods in the middle range. Now, the manufacturer releases its brand new box, an updated version of its best-seller, the eVic VTwo Mini. Are there good surprises in the box? Will VTC Mini owners switch to VTwo Mini?


It looks like a… VTC Mini

The eVic VTwo Mini comes with style in a cartoon packaging. Nothing new at first signt: eVic VTwo is the exact copy of its predecessor. The screen, the controls or the finish, everything reminds of the VTC Mini. Fortunately, Joyetech added a bonus to swallow the bitter pill: A smart idea, in fact, this soft silicone sleeve to protect the Two Mini.
For the rest, the box is delivered with a USB/micro USB charging cable and a multilingual manual (the French part is particularly well translated). Chinese manufacturers definitely put the accent on packaging, now.

Since the outside is not so innovative, let’s have a look at the inside. First, the upgradable chipset of the eVic VTwo Mini, version 4.02, is 15 W higher than the basic with a power of 75 W. Not a great deal, however, since the version 3.03 was already delivering this same power.

Technical review

The main features of the eVic VTwo Mini by Joyetech are:

  • A battery mod adjustable in power from 1 to 75 W for a battery in 18,650 and at least 25 A (not included)
  • Temperature control: 100 to 315°C (Stainless steel compliant for the boxes manufactured after May 15, 2016)
  • Four modes: RTC/VW/VT/Bypass and TCR
  • Resistance: from 0,05 to 1 Ω in VT mode (Ni200/Ti/SS 316); from 0.15 à 3.5 Ω in VW mode and Bypass.
  • OLED Screen
  • Display of temperature/watts, Power/volts, Ohm and charge
  • Bouton Fire en plastique sur caoutchouc de contact
  • Protection contre l’inversion de polarité et contre les courts-circuits
  • Pin 510 on spring
  • Connexion: 510
  • Recharge USB (bottom of the box)
  • Cable micro-USB
  • Magnetic battery lid
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Height: 82 mm
  • Length: 38,2 mm
  • Depth: 22 mm
  • Weight: 119 g
  • Colors: Orange, Blue, White, Dark red, Black, Gold, Cyan, Grey and Red.

The chipset allows vaping in temperature control mode with coils made of Ni, Ti and SS 316. It also has a TCR mode that provides advanced settings for different types of resistive wires like the Dicodes NiFe or the SS 304 or 317. It is also possible to see the logo. It is complete but everything was also present on eVic VTC Mini’s V 3.03 upgradable chipset.

Does a clock justify the purchase of a new box?

The real novelty of the VTwo comes with its RTC Power mode that allows power vaping and integrates a clock, digital or analog, on display. Date and time, of course are adjustable. Whatever the mode, the analog clock appears after a few puffs. Its is fancy but finally not a decisive asset for the purchase of a box.

Compared to the VTC Mini, VTwo Mini also works very well, from temperature control to usability and finish. No surprise, it is the same product. The question, however, is whether or not Joyetech decides to follow up with VTC Mini’s chipset upgrades. A black cloud, in my opinion, since the last update was released in May 2016, a long time ago when considered the high pace that was sustained before.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Beautiful finish
  • Overall good quality
  • Performant Chipset with accessible settings
  • Large screen
  • Good price
  • Silicone sleeve included

The “-“:

  • No major evolution compared to the former VTC Mini
  • No battery included


Rating 4.6/5. It is legitimate to question the reasons that pushed Joyetech to release this VTwo Mini. Hard to see anything else but a desire to keep on occupying the market. Owners of a eVic VTC Mini won’t find anything revolutionary in the new VTwo Mini to motivate the purchase of this new model, which contributes to a downgrade of the rating. In contrast, vapers looking for a compact device, usable, well finished and performant can choose the eVic VTwo Mini with eyes closed. A good choice for a very reasonable price, the same as the VTC Mini, for what is the best available product on the market. Rather than recycling existing devices, let’s hope that the VTwo Mini will benefit from new updates with advanced features.

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Mark Ryan
Mark Ryan
7 years ago

What are the best settings to use for an occasional vaper? I seriously don’t have a clue.

The Watson
The Watson
Reply to  Mark Ryan
7 years ago

Idk really kno. I started with a ego mega twist + & Cubis pro atomizer. I use the least voltage possible. Its a personal thing. The PG blends have more hit (harshness) and the VG Blends are smoother with more clouds. Some blends & even coils require certain even high temperatures. I am using 15/20watts with most blends on a SS316 0.5Ohm coil. I got a sampler of Halo tobacco, sign up for email & get decent offers. I will say avoid Midnight Apple, I swear it tastes like Palmolive dish soap & stayed that way a full day after dumping it out! Still learning, but that’s the best I can pass on. Just experiment really. Might help someone else in future…