VTA seeks consumer’s support and declares that a lot of progress has been made to promote responsible public policies like the Cole & Bishop Amendment.

During the recent conference at the Capitol that VTA organized, a day has been dedicated to the bipartisan amendment sponsored by  Rep. Tom Cole and Rep. Sanford Bishop, that would change the statutory grandfather date for deemed products, including nicotine-containing electronic vaping devices and e-liquids.

The Cole & Bishop Amendment is a legal tool that will:

  • Save small and mid-size vapor businesses;
  • Save lives, as vaping is a safer alternative to smoking;
  • Address the issue of product safety;
  • Protect youth;
    • Limiting print advertising of vapor products to adult publications,
    • Requiring face-to-face sales, banning self-service except at age-restricted venues,
    • Requiring age-restriction labelling.
  • Give the federal government the ability to enforce the law, requiring retailers to register, if not already mandated by State laws.

Source: Phil Busardo, US SEVIA.

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