RiP Trippers, the most famous reviewer on Youtube with more than 700,000 subscribers, just published a video to raise funds for the American Vaping Association, represented by Gregory Conley. Today, August 23, donations amount to about $50,000, with important amounts coming from some vaping professionals.

After a bad buzz few months ago, this social action may help RiP Trippers recover his popularity, especially among those who have been the most critical to him.

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Paul Gross
Paul Gross
6 years ago

Blah blah blah. Vape drama. Rip has ALWAYS been at the forefront of advocacy-raffling off a $50,000 car a year ago-with the proceeds going to CASAA and NOTBLOWINGSMOKE. He was the first reviewer to start talking about it years ago and has done more behind the scenes than any “famous reviewer”… But you can still bring up a video that the vape “community” made into a big deal, blew out of proportion: wanna know something rip haters:almost ALL reviewers have affiliate’s in their descriptions dipshit! Fuckin nancies