Currently SFATA represents over a 1000 business members, whilst holding chapters in 26 states throughout the US, and is always seeking ways to protect them and the industry as a whole by fighting for sensible and fair regulations for vaping products. The organization praised the efforts and milestones reached by Cabrera, who always did her utmost to safeguard the interests of vaping businesses. An illustration of this was an article published on Forbes, around the time of her abdication in which she urged the industry to stand up to the FDA and its infamous deeming rule and file lawsuits if necessary. SFATA followed Cabrera’s lead, and has been actively involved in disputing these unreasonable regulations.

Facing forward, taking action

Moving ahead SFATA has appointed Cap O’Rourke as President and Schell Hammel as Vice President, whilst still looking to select a new executive director. With the help of the above and a full board the association aims to continue in Cabrera’s steps by asserting their presence at Congress and other statehouses around the US campaigning for and demanding just laws for vaping businesses and their consumers. In keeping with the above, on the day that the deeming rule was put in place, SFATA took immediate action and spoke up against these unjust laws, whilst encouraging all in support of vaping to do the same. Following this, it is supporting Nicopure and and R2B2 Smoke- Free Coalition in their lawsuit against the FDA. Amongst its goals, the organization holds the implementation of H.R. 2058 and the Bishop-Cole Amendment. These would ensure “a less costly market pathway of vapor products”, whilst equating to e-cigarettes not being taxed and regulated in the same way as their combustible counterparts.

What does the future hold?

The Association has located a new opportunity for more transparency and it aims to achieve this by holding regular meetings with agendas, after which the meeting minutes will be available to its members. SFATA will also look for possible improvement of their existing bylaws, as during such a critical time where regulations such as the aforementioned deeming rule, and the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act are coming into play, it seeks to “successfully navigate” its members, and guard the interests of not just the industry and it’s consumers, but also those of the over forty million adults who are still smoking and could benefit by opting for the safer alternative.

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6 years ago

Very well written article. Concise and straight to the point. Perhaps a follow-up article explaining why Cynthia resigned in the first place and what she plans to do in her career now (post-SFATA). That would be of great interest to so many Vapers who are confused as to why she resigned at such a critical time. Everyone loved Cynthia and are sad to see her go.