swissvapingdaysOrganizers of Swiss Vaping Days exhibition, an international event planned in October in Switzerland, just announced their conferences details.

“The conferences part will be held in a separate room with about 200 seats beside the main exposition room. We want to bring high quality presentations as well as panel discussions with national and international speakers under these topics:

  1. Actual state of scientific knowledge on vaping
    (what is known / what is unknown / what is the truth and what is false)
  2. Risk and harm reduction in correlation with nicotine consumption
    (learned experiences in risk and harm reduction with other substances, why not nicotine?)
  3. Situation in Switzerland and possibilities of short-term evolution
    (administrative ban on nicotine & black market / situation regarding law / small number of vapers / political aspects and tobacco products law / regulation under food & goods law and new project within that law)
  4. International situation and its impact for Switzerland
    (national implementation of the TPD in Europe / US FDA deeming regulations / standardization and normalization / FCTC / Could Switzerland be an oasis in Europe?)
  5. The role of consumers regarding innovation, promotion and advocacy of vaping
    (history / advocacy / education & practical knowledge transfer / living together with other non-smokers)

During the two days of the event there will be each day three blocks for presentations and panel discussions. The schedule will be as follows:

  • First block 11-12h
  • Second block 14-15h
  • Third block 16-17h

The temporal partitioning between presentations and debates in the different blocks will be done when the program is finalized. All conferences will be interpreted simultaneously in French, German and English. All presentations and discussions will be recorded by video to spread the information widely.”

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