Streamlining’s shock and a better airflow

At first sight, SvoëMesto’s engineers established a clear parallel between the Kayfun 5 and the Kayfun Mini V3. Designers forgot the time when 41 different parts were needed to assemble the Kayfun 4. On this new version, only 14 parts are present when considered insulators as well. Streamlining goes with simplicity of use, which is what can be retained for this beautiful object.


Overall quality appears serious. The quartz tank is stronger than most Pyrex-made competitors, and the body is made of stainless steel with Peek as an efficient insulator. Threaded in 510, the pin is not adjustable but it may not be an issue since most mods are equipped with a spring.

The drip-tip is quite thin and made of stainless steel as well. O-rings are present on the base to which a heat insulator in POM-C is screwed on the top. Very efficient at preventing over-heating of the atomizer when used in a reasonable power range between 10 and 40 W.

The Airflow system has been completely re-designed. An airflow system than has been subject to criticism on the former version because it required unscrewing the base to operate. Now, lifting the dual airflow ring is the sole operation required to choose between one of the four positions for a tight (MTL) to aerial (DL) vaping experience.

Even if on certain models tightening the liquid supply prevents the airflow ring from going up, it is not the case on our sample.

Of course, the Kayfun 5 is not designed for cloud chasing, it is dedicated to the rendering of flavors. But thanks to its new airflow system, it cope with much powerful boxes. Vapers adept of MTL  vaping will probably regret the absence of a very tight setting. SvoëMesto thought about those ones and propose the M2L kit (<10 €) to reduce the airflow.

The upper part is identical to Kayfun Mini V3. Liquid supply holes are adjustable by unscrewing the upper part oc the tank. Attention, the Kayfun 5 is leaking a little during this operation, so it is worth adjusting them once in an average position and for all.

The now classic refill system is by the top and accessible by unscrewing the top cap. Holes are wide and make the operation easy. Be attentive to place the top in the right position before screwing it on.

Assembly is easy even for the thickest wires

Designed to be used with a single coil, the mounting is easy. The deck now accepts thick wires like Clapton. The mounting requires a quarter turn around the screws before tightening them. Take care to keep the resistance coil far above the atomization chamber to prevent any contact and potential shortcuts.

Inserting the cotton wool is also very easy. Just insert it into the coil and fold it on each side. No need to measure it with precision. No dry hit, not leakage but it requires not to obstruct the gutters.

Let’s vape. This Kayfur 5 was in test with a SS316L coil 0.80 Ω, then with a Kanthal Clapton coil 0.80 Ω for a power ranging between 16 and 40 W. Extreme power has been used until 70 W just to judge its behaviour. Around 20 W, airflow set on the second position, the vaping experience is soft, tasty and noiseless. With a Clapton coil, the rendering of flavors is excellent. From 30 W on, you have to switch the airflow to the third position. Beyond 40 W, the vapor becomes very hot, even with the widest opening of airflow. At 70 W, vapor and drip-tip become too hot for a comfortable experience.

Kayfun-5-SvoeMesto-6Technical Review

The main features are:

  • Material: Stainless steel, quartz, PEEK and POM-C
  • Drip-tip: Stainless steel insulated with POM-C
  • A spare tank in stainless steel
  • Capacity: 4 ml (quartz tank), 5 ml (SS tank)
  • Threaded 510
  • Stainless steel tank included
  • Spare kit (O-rings and screws) included
  • Length (with drip-tip): 60 mm
  • Diameter: 22 mm
  • Weight: 65 g
  • Finish: Brushed stainless steel
  • User manual

In summary

The “+”:

  • Dense and tasty vapor
  • Top filling
  • Mounting is easy
  • Good manufacturing quality
  • Comfortable capacity
  • No over-heating
  • No leakage, no spitting
  • Allows MTL or DL vaping styles

The “-“:

  • High price
  • Small leakage when adjusting liquid supply
  • No spare quartz tank


Rating 4.5/5. This version 5 of Kayfun is a success. Svoëmesto did a great job at delivering an atomizer dedicated to flavors. Its brand new airflow ring is easy and precise. Noiseless, easy to use, well finished and quality materials, it offers an homogenous vaping experience with an excellent rendering of flavors. At this price (119.90 € for the atomizer made in Germany), one could have hoped to receive a spare quartz tank, but these are only small concerns. Vapers looking for flavors will certainly not be disappointed with this Kayfun 5.



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  1. Hello and thank you for reading us, we have indeed forgotten a user manual left in the box when we reviewed this product. A correction in our text is being made. However we didn’t get any spare glass in the box. The product we used here for this review is an original from SvoëMesto. In the cons, we mentionned the absence of a second quartz tank. Of course, if you break it you can use the stainless steel one, but it’s less comfortable to see the level of e-liquid 🙂


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