Financial operations by tobacco industries have made up to € 8.4 million in 2013, on the year when the TPD has been revised by the three pillars of the EU: Parliament, Council and Commission. Among the twelve actors who pressured EU officials, Philip Morris International (PMI) gathered about 60% of the lobbying expenses in 2013. It is not a secret that the American firm wanted to modify or delay the revision of the TPD.

Mechanistically, the lowering of PMI’s expenses the next year also lowered the global expenses of tobacco companies for lobbying, about 5.2 € million in 2014. Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco and some others have launched a lawsuit in the EU Justice Court against the TPD.

PMI again cracked down on EU commissioners in 2015, the year when the Commission reexamined its agreement with the company about illicit tobacco product trading issues.

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