Starting on October 1, George Farah is the new Vice President is in charge of Nicopure’s international growth strategy for Europe and Asia. His role, within Nicopure’s corporate management team, will be to contribute to the development of the corporate strategy based on his long experience gained in the tobacco industry after 26 years working for Philip Morris International, reads Nicopure’s press release.

“We are both honored and thrilled to have George expand his role here at Nicopure. His pioneering spirit and extensive international management experience, specifically in the tobacco industry, will help us succeed in becoming a global leader in the vaping industry.”Jeff Stamler, Nicopure's CEO and co-founder

The appointment of Farah in this position attests of the desire of the company to continue to expand towards the international. Nicopure is now distributing the e-liquids Halo, eVo, and Purity in about 90 countries worldwide and recently widened its presence in Europe with brand new headquarters in the Netherlands and offices in England.

“Having been involved with Nicopure since early 2016, as advisor to the CEO, I’m privileged to know Nicopure’s unique strength in the vaping industry. Furthermore, I believe the vaping industry is at a critical tipping point and I’m very confident that Nicopure is poised to play a major role as this new and emerging industry continues to evolve, and to seek ways to offer a more attractive and compelling product proposition to its customers throughout the world.”George Farah, Nicopure's Vice President International
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