In contrast with the opinion of their fellow Physicians in the UK, two thirds of the 773 participants are of the opinion that vaping products are detrimental to our health. Many of these health care professionals admitted that smoking patients have asked for their medical opinion about e-cigarettes and that they have refrained from fulfilling this as they do not feel at ease discussing these products. This comes as no surprise considering the bad publicity surrounding the products in the US, and the heavy regulations imposed by the FDA.

The confusion surrounding e-cigarettes

Dr. Stephen Baldassarri, a fellow in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Yale School of Medicine and lead researcher, stated “The survey illustrates that patients are seeking professional advice regarding e-cigarette use, but there is no consensus on the harms and benefits of these products among health care providers”. Due to this Baldassarri concluded, patients are receiving conflicting medical advice, hence the dire need for further thorough studies about the risks and benefits of these products in comparison to smoking cigarettes.

Patients are receiving conflicting medical advice about e-cigs, hence the dire need for further thorough studies about the risks and benefits of these products.
The CHEST journal serves as an important bridge between medical knowledge and resources for its 19,000 international members who practice medicine, providing care mainly related to chest issues. The journal is considered a leader in innovative medicine through research, education and communication. The CHEST annual meeting’s 82nd edition will take place between October 22-26, and the study results will be discussed in further detail at the meeting on Sunday, October 23 from 7:45am – 8:00am at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 409B

Stephen Baldassarri; Geoffrey Chupp; Frank Leone; Graham Warren; Benjamin Toll [Chest Health-care Provider Perceptions of Electronic Cigarettes ] CHEST Journal

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