The BEAA, an organization founded in March of 2015, which serves similar purposes as the VTA, but on a smaller scale locally in Alabama, said that together with the VTA it will fight to save the vaping industry, the small businesses and the industry’s consumers that “have come under assault from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state legislatures across the country”.

The VTA on the other hand, who is the leading vapor advocacy organization throughout the US, welcomes such partnerships that help contribute in ensuring the continuity of the industry and hence the accessibility of innovative and safe vaping products to the industry’s consumers.

“Our industry needs a coordinated strategy in Washington, DC, in Montgomery, and in state capitals across the country, and VTA has the leadership team and infrastructure to best lead that fight. We are excited to be a part of the team.”Scott Eichelberger, BEAA President

Much alike to the statement released by the founder of CSFO Chris Jimenez last week, BEAA president Scott Eichelberger, stated that it is critical that everyone in the vapor community come together and contribute to the common goal of ensuring the survival of the industry, and mentioned the importance of joining the VTA as it has the resources and enough exposure to exert influence.

Why the more is the merrier

Tony Abboud (Source: SFATA)
Tony Abboud (Source: VTA)

Tony Abboud, VTA National Legislative Director, expressed his enthusiasm at having another organization join them, adding ‘Coordinating with an established and well-organized state advocacy organization like BEAA, we will be able to more effectively implement a multi-state coordinated strategy to defeat misguided laws at the state level.’ Once again Abboud pointed out that joining forces with other organizations such as the BEAA, puts them in a stronger position to be able to promote the implementation of the Cole-Bishop Amendment. This motion would effectively counteract the effects of the harsh deeming rule set in place by the FDA, which is threatening to annihilate an industry that delivers products which are at least 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes, hence is playing a big role in averting the current health crises.