Miller, who is also one of the architects of the United States Master Settlement Agreement and Chair of the Truth Initiative, started his speech by relaying how he is a man of numbers, and how he believes that numbers, facts and science should take precedence over ideologies especially in matters that lead to public policy.

The Attorney General pointed out that he is driven by a motivation to help people, and that the thought  that millions of lives could be saved by switching from smoking to vaping is exhilarating to him. He spoke about the importance of keeping an open mind, and recognizing when we have made an error of judgement and working towards rectifying is how we expand.

Giving a voice to common concerns

Case in point, referring to the study released by Public Health England which found vaping to be at least 95% safer than smoking, Miller thinks that this data should be seriously considered. He mentioned how the UK were first to determine that smoking was hazardous to our health back in the sixties, and with the US refuting vaping products as tobacco harm reduction tools, he believes that this is an unfortunate case of history repeating itself.

“my conclusion is that for kids, e-cigarettes are a gateway to nowhere”.Tom Miller, Attorney General Iowa

On the topic of the claims about cancerous formaldehyde being emitted through vaping, the Attorney General said that studies on the matter have been misleading. He spoke of the testing machine for e-cigarettes, saying,  “it was turned up to an incredibly fast and large degree, to the point where nobody would ever use these cigarettes in that same context, then you can generate enough formaldehyde to be dangerous. But if you test it at the level that people use e-cigarettes, there’s no danger whatsoever.” He went on to use the analogy of toasting bread, and how if you keep toasting it over and over again until it’s fully charred it too will contain toxic substances, yet no one eats bread that way.

Bringing up the infamous theory about e-cigarettes serving as a gateway to smoking in youths, Miller pointed out that a survey conducted by The Truth Initiative, found that more than half of teens who have tried e-cigarettes have never even purchased the products but have just tried their friends’. More importantly he pointed out that research shows that of the 16% of young adults that are claimed to be vaping, 14% are only experimenting, which leaves 2% of regular or semi regular use, hence using the 16% figure is inaccurate. He ended this topic by saying “my conclusion is that for kids, e-cigarettes are a gateway to nowhere”.

Miller believes that by endorsing e-cigs the US could save a significant 12 to 15 million lives.
One of the flaws in the American system is taxing vaping products as tobacco products said Miller in a statement that reflects the opinion of many health experts in the US. He pointed out that although he believes on tougher measures being taken in relation to combustibles, since vaping products are safer alternatives, they should be regulated differently.

What a public health advocate sounds like

A speech that renowned vaping activist Clive Bates called “Quite simply the best speech I have ever heard on tobacco and nicotine policy, science and ethics”, was concluded by Miller pointing out that he is not an advocate for the vaping industry, and he has no affiliation to the industry whatsoever, what he is though, is an advocate for public health and saving American lives. He firmly believes that through endorsing the products the US could save a significant 12 to 15 million lives.

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5 years ago

Good heavens! An AG pandering to neither the lowest common denominator with headline grabbing argle-bargle; nor to big Pharma/tobacco, by promising to promote legislation based on science that wouldn’t pass muster with a half-bright junior-high student.
The man is either not interested in pursuing a political career, or possesses, of all things, integrity.
Seriously, it’s sad that this kind of informed and honest concern for the public good seems so rare among those holding a position of public trust. Sad too, that I’m actually moved by this act. An act that should not be, and believe it or not, was once not entirely uncommon.