“An outdated solution”

“The position of the Belgian Ministry of Health is incomprehensible.”Frédérique Ries, MEP

The MEP Frédérique Ries denounces the position of Belgian authorities, in contradiction with the positive review of the Belgian Superior Health Council on e-cigarette.

Jan Eyckmans estimates that “there have never been as many means deployed” to stop smoking, “some simple solutions like patches, for example. The Stop-Smoking Services provides help and physician visits for smoking are reimbursed“.

But for Frédérique Ries, these solutions have proved their ineffectiveness for more than 20 years and belong to the past. The MEP expressed her commitment to stand with the 150 000 Belgian vapers so that they can use their e-cigarette every day in a well designed regulatory framework”. The MP is of the view that “the authorities are going the wrong way” because “there is no stopping the march of progress“.

Another appeal to the Counsel of State

This statement by the Belgian Health authorities came just before the enforcement date of the Royal Decree that transposes the EU TPD. It also came a few days after a new appeal was introduced to the Counsel of State that will be addressed on December 13.

Cette déclaration de l’agence de santé publique précède l’entrée en vigueur de l’Arrêté royal transposant la directive tabac européenne. Elle intervient quelques jours après le dépôt d’un nouveau recours au Conseil d’état. qui sera traité le 13 décembre.


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