Basic and efficient

Aster Total is an e-cigarette kit whose very usable format places it between the box and the tube. The tank is integrated to the body with a capacity of 3.2 ml. In integrated battery has an autonomy of 1600 mAh and delivers 25 W continuously. With resistance coils of 1.1 Ω, this set offers to beginners very reasonable comfort and safety of use.

This kit, very simple to use, requires for filling to unscrew the top cap, to screw one of the two resistance coils included in the package, and to fill up the tank after having charged the battery. A marker in the tank would have been useful to know when to stop adding the juice at filling to avoid overflow. Finally, just add the drip tip and allow the resistance to soak for a few minutes before you start vaping.

The body is covered by a leather look sticker. Black is the original color and Eleaf added two other ones, a brown one and another black one. Far from being essential to its functioning, it is a welcome add on.

Technical features of the starter kit Aster Total by Eleaf :

  • Dimensions: 37 x 23.5 x 116 mm
  • Weight: 131 g
  • Output power: 25 W
  • Vaping mode: bypass
  • Resistance range: 0.15 – 3.5 Ω
  • Tank capacity: 3.2 ml
  • Battery: 1600 mAh
  • Materials: Stainless steel and Pyrex
  • A plastic fire switch at the top of the battery (on/off with 5 quick press)
  • Fast USB charge on the front
  • Colors: Black/brown and silver

The package Aster Total by Eleaf contains:

  • An electronic box Aster Total
  • Two resistance coils IC 1.1 ohm
  • Two spare leather look stickers
  • A USB cable
  • A user manual

Compact format and usability

Switching on the Aster Total requires 5 quick press on the Fire, the same to switch it off. To charge the electronic mod, you need to plug it to computer or to use a USB charger. The starter kit is basic but easy to use and accessible to any beginner.

An adjustable airflow system is located on the side, just below the top cap, and has two inlets. On my specimen, the airflow ring is a bit too tighten and hard to operate. Striations would have been welcome for a better grip.

As for the Aster 75 W TC with which it shares the compactness, the Aster Total fits pretty well in the palm of you hand with the Fire switch just under your thumb. The buttons do not jingle and handling the device is very natural.

A perfect box for vaping mouth-to-lung

Rendering of flavors is very good for such a starter kit. The resistance coil IC 1.1 Ω are well adapted to mouth-to-lung vaping. A good point that, unfortunately, is quite rare in the actual range of products. One issue is the noise created when vaping, another one is its incapacity to cope with too thick e-juices because the wholes in the resistance coil are too narrow to allow more than 50% of VG.

The production of vapor is not outstanding, even with the airflow wide open, but it is not the objective of its design. Sometimes, the delay between firing and heating the coil is long. To finish, a LED illuminates the tank and better shows liquid level after puffin on the Aster Total.

In summary

The “+”:

  • Compactness and usability
  • Designed for MTL vaping
  • Good autonomy
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Low consumption of e-juice
  • Good quality
  • Resistance coils at a upper level, a design suitable for for beginners

The “-“:

  • Noisy
  • Non-adjustable power


Rating of 4.1/5. Usable and easy to use, compact, the Aster Total by Eleaf is a good product for beginners or occasional vapers. Vaping style is in agreement with its target on the market, a bit noisy but accessible to anyone.

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Robert Fairrington
Robert Fairrington
7 years ago

how does it compare to the Icare?

Jérôme Harlay
Jérôme Harlay
Reply to  Robert Fairrington
7 years ago

Aster Total and iCare are two different products. Aster total is more powerful with a better rendering of flavors and also more vapor produced. In consequence, Aster Total also consumes more e-liquid than iCare and is less compact.