Negligent Article Posted on a Major U.S. News Network

Seven deadly habits to drop in 2017 (By Dr. Kevin Campbell, December 30, 2016

In an article titled “Seven Deadly Habits to Drop in 2017”, Dr. Kevin Campbell writes suggestions which could be somewhat helpful for people to consider as the New Year progresses. For example, Dr. Campbell recommends Health improvements should occur if we quit mindless eating and cutting out fast food from one’s diet as well as getting off the couch to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, Campbell recommends getting at least 7.5 hours of sleep on a daily basis, and eating a balanced breakfast within the first 2 hours of waking up.

It is most definitely agreeable among many others to decrease fast food consumption at all costs, refraining from laziness. Also, getting over 7 hours of sleep or eating breakfast seem like all very widely understood behaviors we should all embrace for maintaining a healthy way of life. Then again, everyone’s body reacts differently.

However, by attaching erroneous statistics to vapor products and portraying these harm reduction tools as equally dangerous in comparison to smoking, it becomes apparent what the motivation was behind this common-sense health-tips article. By connecting e-cigs as an equivalent to Cigarettes, serving as an extension of the #1 “deadly” habit.

Once again, Dr. Campbell hints at the possibility that an M.D. who practices westernized medicine is easily influenced by the almighty dollar and political interests rather than upholding their sworn oath to fulfill ethical obligations. Coincidentally, this article was posted on the consistently conservative propaganda-pushing media group known as FOX News.

FOX News Show Previously Advocated for Vapor Numerous Times

In past reports by Greg Gutfeld of the FOX News Program The Greg Gutfeld Show, we have seen him on television defending Vapor products to the point of directly advocating – arguing how this technology should be recognized for saving lives all from allowing people to quit smoking. Gutfeld advocates on his show and simultaneously vapes, all of these pro-vapor segments are easily accessible through YouTube of course.

Typically highly controversial, FOX News is still very much considered as a reputable news organization. However, gathering news from FOX is certainly a ritualistic behaviour far more popular with the “baby-boomer” generation of the U.S., but FOX News has increasingly polarized itself so much that more often than not, many of America’s younger and usually more intellectual citizens believe the FOX News political rhetoric is suspiciously one-sided. Thus, allowing their organization to become effortlessly viewed as a huge red flag of unwavering suspicion.

FOX News viewers often believe every single affirmation broadcasted or published.

Then again, those who regularly view FOXNews consider all of the other major news networks (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc.) to be one sided more towards the left of the political spectrum. Naturally, this further illustrates the strong political divide within American society – in fact the FOX News viewers distrust the other major media networks so much, labeling them as “Liberal Media,” that they often believe every single affirmation broadcasted or published by FOX – frequently reciting their assertions word-for-word. One FOX News viewer told us, “It’s the only reliable source of news because it provides a different perspective than the other networks.”

FOX News Audience

Nonetheless, the average age of those Americans who choose to attain information from FOX News is 68 years of age and the majority of them are politically conservative and white, so it becomes clear to many that perhaps this organization may very well tend to report rather biased or opinionated stories.

Furthermore, FOX News is still widely upheld as one of America’s most trusted sources for learning about current events, especially focusing on what Americans should be fearful of. For instance the worrisome social issue of violent crime has been steadily decreasing throughout the United States since the early 90s, yet FOX News tends to report in a way that suggests the American streets are more dangerous than ever.

It is no secret, FOX News absolutely delivers stories with the strongest partisan agenda than any other network.

Therefore, one thing is certain and that is FOX News certainly reports information to viewers from a conservative political viewpoint and this network most definitely delivers news in a “macho” or “bullying” type of format – featuring shows with men acting much more masculine than necessary, exuding testerine-infused rage often yelling at the guests they invite on their shows. For example, Shawn Hannity and Bill O’Reiley typically are screaming if their guests are representing the “wimpy” political opposition – it is no secret, FOX News absolutely delivers stories with the strongest partisan agenda than any other network. If someone disagrees, then perhaps you could at least come to terms with noticing FOX is undeniably the loudest.

#1 Deadly Habit has only 50% Truth Attached to M.D.’s Claim via FOX News

In light of many researchers providing evidence revealing how vaping is the a lower-risk alternative to smoking, listed below is what Dr. Campbell wrote for an article posted on the FOX News website, claiming what he feels is the number one deadly habit to quit in 2017. At first it seems he’s giving some fairly common sense advice but then he throws a curveball by adding some very destructive claims that we will dissect, determine, and disprove thoroughly.

Dr. Campbell writes:

  1. Quit smoking. And quit e-cigs, too.Smoking is the No 1. cause of preventable death in the U.S., and while electronic cigarettes are touted as a safe alternative, they contain nicotine and nearly 29 other known carcinogens that are released when they are ignited. It’s no wonder the surgeon general has declared them to be a significant public health risk. Traditional cigarettes are associated with lung cancer, heart disease and lung disease, among numerous other ailments, but your lung tissue can heal and your lungs can slowly return to normal function if you quit smoking. Quitting can reduce your risk of heart disease, too — even if you have smoked for decades. The best way to quit is to set a quit date and stick to it. Ask for support from friends and family, and avoid situations that you associate with smoking. There are many drug and behavioral therapies available to help you quit, so ask your doctor for help, too. (Campbell 2017:1).

From Dr. Campbell’s inaccurate claims regarding “electronic-cigarettes,” which we will soon analyze piece-by-piece throughout this series, it is essential to momentarily digress and first shed light on some other’s thoughts, which seem to come across as expressions of suspicion and doubt.

Comments From Readers of “Seven Deadly Habits to Drop in 2017”

  • “Well, so much for knowing WTH he’s talking about. E-Cigs are not “ignited”. While E-Cigs can contain nicotine and nicotine is habit forming many E-Cigs contain no nicotine and as far as releasing “carcinogens” you’d have to heat the liquid so hot you couldn’t use it, it be like trying to inhale boiling water. I wish they’d stop parroting discredited information.”
  • “Whoever wrote this article is very misinformed . The study he or she refers to I assume was the one out of over 75 studies that showed any carcinogens .This is the study that unlike the other 74 studies that found NO carcinogens , studies that measured what goes into and out of a human subject . This single study hooked an e-cig to a vacuum then ran it not only till it was empty but till the cotton wick turned to ash and the heating element melted down which is where the carcinogens came from not the e-juice or the normal use but the cotton wick being turned to ash .This would be equal to a study determining the amount of deadly metals in a can of corn and a researcher dropping an entire can of corn in a grinder and then publishing the findings as real science.”

To Be Continued…

Coincidentally, anti-vaping affiliates never use any other terminology except electronic-cigarette as a manipulation strategy for guaranteeing those who are unaware with the vaping lifestyle will forever associate this harm reduction-based technology with the deadly act of smoking traditional cigarettes. More often than not, we’ll continue seeing vape community members, as the only individuals who truly all know so many more facts about vapor products and also have a resilient capability to see the inaccuracies of certain published misinformation and junk science that so many others fail to recognize.

However, we’ll also unfortunately continue to see more and more junk science and sensationalized inaccurate content on the dangerous vapor scare exaggeration, which they’ll likely recommend to society, that we must all deny, reject and refute. Yet, while the naysayers deny a new culture, we will refute their lies. Thus, a detailed examination is absolutely necessary and in our civilization’s best interest to insist we all resist as long as these types of writing practices persist to exist.