Impressive uptake rate: one user every four minutes

The report shows that 4.2% of adults vape in the UK and 3.1% in France, the second highest penetration rate in Europe. The likely reason why this change operates at such high speed is that the British look more convinced than others by the benefits of the e-cigarette over combustible products.

Positive signals to comfort public opinion

In the UK, the fact that both Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians released reports with a positive view on e-cigarettes has probably contributed to the popularity of vaping in the UK; in France, it was the positive message of the National Academy of Medicine that likely acted as a trigger.

BAT’s managing director for Next Generation Products, Kingsley Wheaton, said to City A.M.: “The UK government has created an environment which enables consumers to be informed about the products, have access to them and allows manufacturers to innovate and provide quality vaping products.

Vapers are 850,000 now to classify themselves as ex-smokers, a figure that is increasing from on year to another. Compared to last year’s value, 36,000 new smokers have settled in e-cigarette use. Finally, the report propagates other estimates of a global market increase, noticed almost a doubling since 2010 and projects it will double again in the next three years, to reach over £12 billion by 2020.

“This should be a cause for celebration”

Richard Hyslop, Chief Executive of the Independent British Vape Trade Association said: Across the UK smokers are switching to vaping in record numbers, one every four minutes according to this new research. All of these people are smoking fewer or no cigarettes as a direct result. This should be a cause for celebration.

There is a thriving independent vape industry in the UK providing these vapers with a wide range of quality vape products.  According to one recent study, vaping is now the fastest growing industry in the UK and after the United States, the UK is the second largest market for vape products in the world. At a local level, vape shops are one of the few areas of growth on our high streets according to research published by PwC.

The UK’s independent vape industry has a global reputation for quality and innovation. Combine this with the enlightened approach many in the public health field have taken towards vaping and the positive attitudes within Public Health England, the MHRA, and the Department of Health, then the UK really does have the potential to become a global leader in vaping; both in terms of shaping the global policy environment, and also in terms of generating exports and boosting the UK economy. This tremendous opportunity will only be realised if the regulatory and fiscal environment in which our industry operates is proportionate.


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      • Hi Jerome, firstly E&Y have based their report on a total of only 2.2 million users of vaping products, as opposed to ASH UK fact sheet ( posted below) of 2.8 million.

        Secondly if we work on the ASH figures around half of the 2.8 million – approx 1.4 million and continue that trend between 2013 – 2016 then it’s still around 700,000 users would be fully switched,( not 350k) still giving around 2 smokers switched every minute.

        In fact if there had only been an extra 350k fully switched in 3 years as stated by E&Y it wouldn’t be very impressive at all, ASH have there figures as an extra 1.3 million between 2013 – 2016 so something is clearly wrong.

        For the record I don’t actually don’t believe ASH “fact sheet” either, they were very blase about how many Vapers / smokers would be effected by the regulations regarding nicotine levels of up to 20 mg / ml = 9% of there figure of 2.8 million = 252,000 !

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