Vaping Advocates: Open your Eyes to a Dire Issue

Immediately following an interview with the President of the Ohio Vapor Trade Association (OHVTA), James Jarvis made it immediately apparent that the proposed 69% tax increase on vapor products by Governor John Kasich is an absolutely crucial event.

This is a threat that has recently sprung up from even municipal governance, making the war on vapor even further concentrated.

From this, it is highly recommended that U.S. Vaping Advocates might want to turn a great deal of their attention towards this potentially uncontrollable trend of excessive taxation – namely, the uncommon and strange tactic imposed by state governments requesting outlandishly large percentage amounts of taxes on vapor products. This is a threat that has recently sprung up from even municipal governance, making the war on vapor even further concentrated.

At this point, given the potential effects of this proposed policy, the situation in Ohio may surely be a defining moment on whether or not vapor history is made or vapor is made into history. If you identify as a vaping advocate in the U.S., this should be of great concern.

Why? Because something very similar just happened in the bordering state of Pennsylvania and it is now spreading like a plague to the state of Ohio, traveling northwest currently and if the tax hikes pass in Ohio, it is very likely that every single state will begin following the very same platform of this contagious infection of ignorance, arrogance and greed.

Some of America’s worst qualities are synonymous with arrogance and greed. When will we learn? Why is the home of the brave becoming the sanctuary of the oppressed? As if everything has a dollar sign on it.

A Glimpse from within the U.S.

“As if everything has a dollar sign on it.” That is surely a very misguided and shortsighted way to view the world you live in. Especially if you make policies that regulate the society that surrounds you and the others you share it with. A peek through that same vision where everything is marked with a dollar sign will surely leave a future society awfully bleak.

Unfortunately, this is apparently how the U.S. tends to operate in the year 2017. Not exactly synonymous with “growth” and “progress.” Shouldn’t that be the theme we all naturally follow as we move forward into the 21st Century? Modern era or common error?

Einstein was quoted as saying, “the most important thing is to never stop questioning.” Furthermore, who are we trying to be? Better yet, who do we wish to become? Is this what we want? When will we speak up? The time is now. Time to try or die.

A Glimpse within the Current Battle via OHVTA President

What other industry is forced to deal with almost a 1000% tax increase?

When discussing the abnormally high tax percentage proposed by Ohio’s Governor, OHVTA President James Jarvis, said, “If this budget goes through and ultimately passes, in some regions of Ohio, it will represent a 961.5% increase in taxes on residents and consumers.” James continues by stating, “What other industry is forced to deal with almost a 1000% tax increase? No other industry. It’s unheard of.” A well-formulated argumentative point as this is, without a doubt, the absolute truth.

From the discussion with Mr. Jarvis, not only did it become clear, this proposal by Republican Governor Kasich is entirely outlandish, patronizing and pompous. Additionally, no matter how demeaning this proposal may be, Jarvis vows to also maintain a professional, honest and respectful approach throughout the OHVTA pursuit for defeating this hypocritical request of a conservative Governor.

The honesty throughout testimonials provided by those who “oppose” the tax raise of irrational proportions will most definitely be a series of colorful presentations of factual information drawn from genuine personal experiences.

Due in large part to the fact that the Vaping Community is intensely passionate about their cause – primarily because they know Vaping to be undeniably effective as a harm reduction tool.

Vapor Advocates Should Stay Informed & Be Active

All things considered, this could make some Vapers wonder, does the Governor actually know exactly what he is doing? One would imagine the Governor has some sense about how his state could, might, and can influence the entire nation. Right?

Small business and public health are under attack.

Regardless, we will further examine such questions in PARTS 2 & 3 of this critical series on the most important tax hike for vapor advocates all across the country to become engaged in. This is and needs to be more often referred to as the primary focus of Vaping advocacy nationwide.

Needless to say, small business and public health are under attack. Although they are strong, they still could always use as much help as they can get. Support the OHVTA. Visit

To be continued…

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