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With the rate of how quickly we can search for new information, discover contemporary ideas, exchange that information and efficiently communicate new concepts, it is entirely logical to suggest that our current marketplace economic system is ultimately finite. Our current economic structure is not designed to handle this type of speed and independent participation.

Many refuse to believe it, but the capitalistic system of economics the U.S. has been practicing for so long is literally modeled after the same exact feudal system fashioned in the Medieval Era. Yes, if you analyze our current economy which has not changed much since it’s inception, it is no different than the time royalty ruled over peasants.

Of course, this will seem absurd to some who may read this, but honestly it probably means you have not yet broken the socially constructed barriers from within your own mind. Academia’s award-winning writer, Robert McChesney, states, “In our society, corporations and the wealthy enjoy a power every bit as immense as that assumed to have been enjoyed by the lords and royalty of feudal times.”

Worrisome FDA Regulations & Other Threats

With the FDA deeming rule put into place in the U.S., a guaranteed route to creating a Black Market for the multi billion dollar Vaping Industry, countless small businesses have already closed or will soon be facing that choice. Some may be losing hope and feel that they may not have a choice, after all what other options are there? Well, from the business model fashioned by VIBE, businesses now have a choice, thanks

This is more than just another business looking to only cash-in on the vapor industry. VIBE is a community, a network, a contemporary model of approaching how to operate within an ever-expanding economic landscape. This is the next great chapter in the history book that details the rise of the vapor industry’s ability to save millions from the smoking epidemic. Before VIBE is written about from a historical perspective, it is not at all inaccurate to suggest that VIBE is the future of the American industry

Perhaps if U.S. businesses continue to be so insistent that we hold onto that old attitude of operating within a past capitalist marketplace, then we may very well be left in the past. At how fast the world is changing, we will reach the point in time that will require a much more efficient system.In order for small businesses to survive, there must be some changes. Especially if you’re in the vape industry and find that your business is reaching a critical juncture.

Founder & Managing Member of VIBE tells Vaping Post, “That critical juncture is the onset of regulations. It’s important to note that regardless of whether the PMTA remains a requirement, there is a far more inevitable regulatory threat to the industry. When, and not if, the FDA announces it’s schedule for implementation of manufacturing standards for vaping products, we will likely see a slow-moving tsunami wiping out all but the strongest structures in its path. This could easily reduce inventory to a trickle, causing a domino effect all through the industry and leaving few remaining in the wake.”

This should certainly be a cause for concern and as many worry of the PMTA process, which is absolutely worrisome, there are more potential regulatory issues that will emerge. VIBE is covering all these areas to serve as a comprehensive platform of effective programs for businesses and basically attempting to be a strong collective shield – a network.

From communicating with those who are at the head of this massive undertaking, it becomes obvious just how honest and hopeful VIBE truly is with their impressive services. They care very much about allowing the entrepreneurs of the Vaporsphere to become what it was always meant to be and almost became: “a community of trusted business partners.”

Hopeful Option or Wishful Thinking

With the state of how the vape industry is currently experiencing so much drama in the U.S., in which we are trying to desperately hold on to the last remaining trustworthy and honest relationships that have been built, is this type of business model worth the risk for those who created VIBE? Is it wishful thinking? Or a viable possibility? Will it actually save the American Vapor Industry? Or is this optimistic attempt setup for failure trying to force unity on an officially broken and beaten industry may prove to be a much too difficult plan?

Due to the unfortunate divisiveness occurring from within the U.S. vape industry, is it safe to say this is a lost cause? Or will this Community Commerce approach truly become an advantageous endeavor to pursue? Overall, I believe it is. Why not incorporate this system? What is there to lose?

There is however a strong lack of unity that needs to be addressed. The egos in this industry have been inflated and will soon pop with the slightest pressure. Not to mention, the egos directing our advocacy community have been so overblown and become out of control – everyone feels that they have the best approach or better idea.

Sadly, all around the U.S. industry, no one seems to trust anyone, no matter how long they’ve developed relations. Ideas are stolen on a regular basis, business associates are left in the dark on certain matters and positive character traits seem to be decreasing at an unprecedented rate among all the industry professionals.

This truly toxic community once flourished with nothing but positive mentalities, where so many seemed so happy. The industry’s professionals were eager to lend a hand, constantly encouraging one another, suggesting collaborations amongst brands and creating advocacy groups from scratch. There is a small portion of this still going on, but nothing like it was before May 5th, 2016. Regardless, if that was once how we measured this industry, then there is indeed always hope – anything that is broken can surely be repaired or replaced.

Thus, VIBE could very well be exactly what this industry needs. First, howevever, what the U.S. Industry needs more than anything is a wake-up call and a crash-course on self-awareness. Perhaps begin asking, who are we? VIBE surely believes in you even if many have lost hope.

The only time we should ever be looking down on someone is when we are reaching down to lend a hand – picking them back up! VIBE already has an arm extended, so reach out.

Just as it states on their website, VIBE suggests “Instead of competing, the industry must collaborate as a cohesive unit. VIBE is building a community of vape retailers, brand owners, distributors and manufacturers that are uniquely positioned to survive FDA regulations.”

In Part Two of this series, we will discuss more about what exactly VIBE offers for it’s members. In the meantime, visit and check back to the Vaping Post in order to read Part Two.


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