1) VIBE: Vaping Industry Business Exchange – Visit vibe4vape.com & read the article published on VapingPost.com which discusses VIBE

2) Community Commerce – This concept ties into VIBE and “Cooperative Commerce” approaches that would be very helpful for the U.S. vape industry

3) Alterna (botanical substance with nicotine-like effects – unregulated by FDA) – this option has many fans already and also many critics, but what do you think? That is something only you can decide.

4) Vaping Legislation – Most Vapers will know of “Cole-Bishop” by now, but there is also Hunter Duncan’s “Repeal & Replace” bill introduced. VapingPost.com has published several articles on each legislative proposal. Which do you feel is more beneficial?

5) CBD: non-psychoactive cannabinoid shown to have countless health benefits. Perhaps in many other countries, this would not be acceptable, but so far, in the U.S. many eliquid manufacturers have already included a line of CBD-based eliquids. This is very popular right now in America. Yet, is it a solution?

Honorable Mention

BREXIT – not obligated to follow TPD at some point in the future? That’s what has been communicated in the past. Perhaps there is now a different narrative. After all, London is becoming the epicenter for vaping nowadays. It is certainly NOT California.

Obviously, this one has nothing to do with the FDA…or does it? I’m sure many vapers recall the FDA deeming rule & the TPD regulations drafted by the EU were introduced in the same month of the same year. We all know by now, it’s all about economics. Regardless, this “potential solution” gets an honorable mention as it is still a noteworthy suggestion in order to find some possible middle ground for negotiating logical, sensible regulating of vapor products. However, as it stands, all these regulations, especially with the FDA, are absolutely unacceptable.

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Vaping Post wants to hear your “potential solution” we may have not known of as of yet. We appreciate your feedback so we can improve or expand on this topic. We understand there a number of “Promising and Potential” options and we all certainly appreciate the fact that you’re out there trying to seek out how to solve these issues of severe overreach in regulatory matters.,

Tell us if you disagree with any of these Top 5. Which ones do you agree with? Either way, if enough of our readers simply write some suggestions in the comment box, we will post a Top 10, depending on the accuracy of the claims and if all adds up appropriately, we will certainly credit you in the published list of the new & improved list of “Potential Solutions” to overcome these harsh regulating practices.

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