VapesGiving is an enthusiastic event that has evolved into a dollar-for-dollar match by one of the industry’s most recognizable manufacturers, which is serving as the primary event sponsor. This entire event is based on a framework fueled by genuine advocacy from tried and true advocates.

Recently, the Vaping Post previously featured a story which announced the fundraising event “VapesGiving.” We mentioned how this ambitious endeavor is now on the horizon and how it aims to reach huge funding goals to help advocacy.”

VapesGiving Now in Full-Effect

If you are a part of the U.S. vape industry, then perhaps you feel the constant pressure of dodging an endless parade of potential regulations, unnecessary ordinances and arbitrary laws threatening to ban the harm-reduction method of vaping altogether.

This is the entire point of the VapesGiving fundraiser. All businesses in the vape industry are constantly battling, fending off attacks from every angle. Therefore, the only thing that could and should be done is that the vape industry must come together to help one another.

VapesGiving is happening right now. It is currently in full effect. You could be helping your fellow constituents right now at this very moment. One American eliquid brand that most Vapers have either seen around, heard of, tasted or perhaps routinely purchase, has already pledged a handsome donation.

Manufacturer Challenge

This leading manufacturer is literally pledging $190,000 and offering a dollar-for-dollar match. In other words, this business is proving why it has become one of the most sought after products throughout the vape community.

This more than generous act reveals the impressive leadership qualities that are necessary to express in order to ensure the preservation of an innovative technology. Manufacturers within the vaping industry should take notice   This particular leader has been one of the most recognizable eliquid brands the majority of consumers in the vape community undoubtedly respect. 

Not only has this one manufacturer become a part of nearly every vape shop’s inventory selection, but now it has grown to prove why vapers seek out their diverse selection of flavors. Donating to advocacy shows that you truly care. It proves that your business cares about your customers and wishes to preserve the industry, continuing to provide valuable products and services. 

Taking this into account, the manufacturer responsible for sponsoring the VapesGiving fundraiser is none other than Naked 100 eliquid.

Therefore, the fundraising event has been guaranteed to raise large sums of money to be used for advocacy efforts. Early estimates have been expected to raise $380,000. This is merely an estimate. Keep in mind, as noted, all funding is to go towards active advocacy.

Needless to say, there has not been too many opportunities that are at all similar to this event. Any of the businesses within the industry might want to consider how many chances there are to raise funds that can be used solely for the purpose of supporting advocacy throughout the vape industry.

Hosting the Fundraiser

Luckily, the American Vaping Association (AVA) has made it a priority to ensure the industry would be prepared for the potential of organizing major fundraisers. Furthermore, VapesGiving is an unprecedented fundraiser hosted by the AVA. s the President of AVA, Greg Conley is registered to fund-raise in all 50 states.” Mr. Conley has been instrumental in ensuring the event takes place.

AVA President, Greg Conley says, “We are thrilled to host the first annual VapesGiving. We work constantly with state-level vaping organizations and have always wanted to do something big to help these groups with the often difficult task of fundraising.”

Greg continues by saying, “When I heard about Naked 100’s willingness to match donations, I was floored. Hopefully, they are not the last company to want to give back to the vape shops and advocates that are on the front lines defending this technology.”

Altogether, Mr. Conley makes a great point here about the action of the Naked 100 brand, because while this event took much preparation to organize, all it took was one manufacturer to put forth one act of generosity towards defending this modern industry. Imagine if the next VapesGiving were to have 2 or 3 manufacturers as sponsors.

How it works

The concept and process of VapesGiving are both very simple. Go to Click the link and make a donation to the American Vaping Association during the Donation Period, which runs from 12:01 a.m. on December 13 through 11:59 p.m. on December 19, 2017. 

At the end of #VapesGiving, advocacy organizations across the country will receive checks from both Naked 100 and the AVA.

When asking the organizers about the appropriate amount to donate, they say, just as the site clearly states, “The goal of VapesGiving is to show that we are grateful for the efforts and actions of our participating advocacy organizations. Your donation amount is is entirely up to you; no amount is too small or too large.”  

Regardless, there is an FAQ section on the site for any further inquiries into this ambitious fundraising event. It is highly recommended to visit this website.

The Big Picture

The focus of the event is that among the chaos and drama, the American Vaping Association has stepped into a leadership role that was necessary

one of the many big “household names” of the vape industry, the brand name Naked 100, has so generously agreed to match dollar-for-dollar. There have been a number of donations already made and there is still plenty of time for more. How will you show your support?

More importantly, who will be the next manufacturer to step-up and sponsor the next event? It is crucial that all manufacturers consider getting involved somehow. This industry must take care of itself. For all the true vape advocates who have quit smoking by the use of vapor products, I’m sure you’d agree, we need to take care of each other and the time is now. VapesGiving represents that this time has come.

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