Confectionary company Wm Wrigley Jr Co has taken legal action against an e-liquid company which it says is using its distinctive brands without permission. In a press release yesterday, Wrigley said they were filing a case in the Chicago Federal Court against Get Wrecked Juices LLC of Jacksonville, Florida. According to the company, Get Wrecked have been using variations of the Starburst and Skittles brands in their marketing despite Wrigley asking them to stop.

Juice labels mimic candy brands

Wrigleys claim that two of Get Wrecked’s liquids use branding that mimics their products. The label of “Pink Starburst” shows a pink square that resembles a Starburst sweet, while “Skeetlez” originally showed coloured sweets marked with an S – just like Wrigley’s popular Skittles. Wrigleys say that after they first complained, Get Wrecked changed the Skeetlez logo to a rainbow, but they have refused to stop using the names.

Wrigley claim damage to their reputation

According to Wrigley the liquids are infringing their trademarks, illegally trading off the brand recognition built up by Starburst and Skittles and harming the company’s reputation. What’s worrying for vapers is that Wrigley have also picked up on arguments made by many opponents of vaping, and are saying that the use of candy branding is an attempt to market the liquids at children.

As of Friday, the disputed liquids are no longer shown on Get Wrecked’s website, but there has been no public comment from the company on Wrigley’s allegations against them.


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