Some states are worse than others. There are a number of examples. For instance, New Mexico is battling 7 or 8 different bills that are targeting the use of vapor products as well as threatening small businesses. In Colorado, however, there are only 2 particular bills that focus on tightening the regulatory framework on reduced risk vaping products.

According to the House Health & Insurance Committee, House Bill 1076 consists of “Concerning updates to the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act, and, in connection therewith, removing certain exceptions and adding provisions relevant to the use of electronic smoking devices.”

House Bill 1076

HB 1076 amends the “Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act” by: Adding a definition of “electronic smoking device” (ESD) to include e-cigarettes and similar devices within the scope of the act.

Supposedly, “Citing the results of recent research on ESD emissions and their effects on human health as part of the legislative declaration” will be used as the catalyst for the evidence they plan to rest their emotionally driven assumptions on.

Therefore, altogether, the motivating factors behind the legislation are based on ultimately “Eliminating the existing exceptions for certain places of business in which smoking may be permitted, such as airport smoking concessions, businesses with 3 or fewer employees, designated smoking rooms in hotels, and designated smoking areas in assisted living facilities.”  

The legislation also places even more restrictions on business proprietors and property owners.

Furthermore, on top of all these rolled back freedoms for individual consumers and ruining the opportunities Coloradans have to use reduced risk products for nicotine consumption, the legislation also places even more restrictions on business proprietors and property owners.

For instance, “Repealing the ability of property owners and managers to designate smoking and nonsmoking areas through the posting of signs.” Now what exactly would be the purpose of this?

Are they basically saying, “We wish to eliminate all traces of anyone who might feel the need to consume nicotine in public?” Perhaps this is exactly what they are trying to say. Sure seems that way.

The Reality

It must be clarified that this summary of the legislation consists of the text that was initially proposed in the very first introduction of the bill.

Regardless, it is safe to say there are countless reasons for the citizens of Colorado and Americans all across the country to oppose such a heavy-handed policy proposition.

The level of restrictions being proposed is quite frankly, unreasonable and undeniably un-American.

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