VPZ, which has 135 stores across the UK, has criticised cuts in public health spending towards support services for smokers. The retailer is pointing out that these cuts will make it “more difficult” for smokers to quit. “Our customer engagement tells us that most smokers want to quit,” said Doug Mutter, director at VPZ. ”

“Sadly, the huge cuts in public health spending is currently failing smokers throughout the country and they are being denied the vital help that can truly transform their health and wellbeing,” added Mutter. To this effect, the retailer announced that it will be launching a new support service in its stores, in a bid to make up for the reduction in available support.

VPZ to launch in store support service

Smokers will not need to purchase vaping products in order to be eligible for the service.

The retailer’s in store support service, will allow smokers to use carbon monoxide and lung-testing monitors to help analyse the extent of breathing problems, and their staff will be trained to provide support and educational advice. VPZ said that it believes using vaping to wean smokers off cigarettes can “help tackle the problem”. Despite this, support will be available to all, and smokers will not need to purchase vaping products in order to be eligible for the service.

“At a time when people across the country are having less access to stop smoking services, we are investing so we can help tackle this problem and demonstrate our commitment to improving the health of the nation,” said Mutter.

“Vaping is already proving to be a key weapon in the UK’s stop smoking strategy and a radical rethink is required by Government if the country is to meet its 2030 target of becoming smoke-free. With this long-term ambition in mind we have decided to take positive action and establish our own support service throughout our growing store network with an offer that allows every smoker to try vaping.”

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