Small but strong

Smok’s Alike pod is foolproof. Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, it is the ideal companion to overcome the hazards of a mod’s life. Producing good flavors with the manufacturer’s resistances, it can deliver 40 W despite its small size. A pod easy to live for a secondary setup or to start the vape.

Size 77 x 43.2 x 23.4 mm
Weight 120 g
Battery 1600 mAh
Charge micro USB
Eliquid Capacity 5.5 ml

Compact and resistant

Under the pod, there is a micro USB socket for recharging and possible updating of the chipset. You can access it by lifting a rubber protection. Degassing holes and battery capacity indicators are also present. Here, 1600 mAh of autonomy. This is a good point for moderate vapor sessions.

The connection between the battery and the cartridge is possible thanks to two magnets. Two brass connectors allow the chipset to recognize the resistance value. The magnets are well retained without being too strong. There is no perceptible play between the battery and the cartridge.

Dressed in faux leather (crocodile) and enhanced with colored stitching and metallic colors, the pod is off the beaten track. It is recognizable at first glance. It’s nice and it changes from the eternal carbon or stabilized wood imitations. The screen is quite big. Below the fire, there are two buttons to configure its mod and vary the power delivered. The whole is well thought out and adequate with the dimensions of the pod. The trigger button falls naturally under the finger and does not suffer from any parasitic clicking. The entire periphery of the pod is covered with a rubber that is soft enough to absorb shocks in the event of a fall. Finally, as mentioned above, the Alike is also resistant to dust and water projections.

Good flavors

On the cartridge, the drip tip is in 510 format and can be replaced according to individual taste. The tank has a good capacity for a pod of this size. With a capacity of 5.5 ml, the Alike has enough autonomy to vaporize long enough without having to refill too frequently. To fill the reservoir, simply lift a small silicone tab, nothing too complicated!

Like the battery, part of the reservoir is protected from shocks by a protective cover. This is reassuring, especially when used on the move, but it does have a drawback. The cartridge, put in place, is no longer visible enough to estimate the level of e-liquid remaining. It must be systematically removed to assess the quantity available. It’s a pity, a small opening on the top of the mod would have settled this point.

The Alike is supplied with two resistors. The DC RPM resistor has a value of 0.8 ohms and is intended for indirect inhalation. The other resistor, RPM mesh, has a value of 0.4 ohms and is intended exclusively for direct inhalation. The advantage of this kit is its compatibility with all the RPM resistors of the brand, that is to say, no less than 6 references in addition to a reconstructable tray for its own assemblies, enough to find its ideal vape. This is a very good point!

The resistor is housed in the tank and holds together with a series of joints. It’s simple and practical, with no risk of getting a lot of liquid on your fingers. For more comfort, there is only one direction of placement of the resistor delimited with a set of flats on two sides of the coil.

The main airflow is located on the bevel of the cartridge, near the drip tip. The airflow is correct and allows good cooling of the resistor. There is no excessive heating of the heating element. There is a second airflow at the back of the top of the tank. It is thinner and less open than the main airflow. We regret that these airflows are fixed and not adjustable for a little more detail in the aromatic sensations.

The display is bright, even in outdoor use. It contains all the essential information. For a little more personalization, the display color can be changed from a choice of seven colors. The Alike responds perfectly to the slightest touch, with no perceptible latency. The pod is easy to use and, after all, that’s what it’s all about!

The resistors do the job without the slightest malfunction. When using MTL (Mouth To Lung, (inhaling in the mouth and then the lungs, like a tobacco cigarette), the flavors are well present, and the hit is enough. The production of steam is consequent, a little too much for a tight draw. The impossibility to adjust the airflow would then be necessary. In direct inhalation in the lungs, the steam produced is just as good, the draft relatively small. Some oozing is to be deplored between the cartridge and the battery. Nothing very bad, but it is a point to be improved for more comfort.

Smok’s Alike pod is good and offered at a very affordable price. Compact, it is well finished. Capable of delivering 40 W, it is compatible with many of the brand’s resistors for a more advanced vapor experience. The flavors are well restored, although the 0.8-ohm resistance lacks a little air restriction to offer a real indirect draft. We only regret the few oozes at the base of the cartridge and the impossibility to adjust the airflow.

We like

  • Cool look
  • Solidity
  • Good flavors
  • Compatible resistance

We don’t like

  • No airflows settings
  • Some oozings



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alike-pod-smok-reviewSmok's Alike pod is foolproof. Waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, it is the ideal companion to overcome the hazards of a mod's life. Producing good flavors with the manufacturer's resistances, it can deliver 40 W despite its small size. A pod easy to live for a secondary setup or to start the vape.