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Review: Endura V – Innokin

The Endura V from manufacturer Innokin is a user-friendly pod. It requires no complex adjustments. Its disposable cartridge delivers excellent flavors, making it the ideal ally for beginners looking to move away from combustion.


An Easy-to-Use Pod for Everyday Use

Whether you’re a beginner in vaping or a more experienced vaper, the Endura V is the pod of the moment from Innokin. Ultra simple, it requires no technical skills to use straight out of the box. The flavors are top-notch. It’s an ideal pod for summer.

Technical Specifications

  • Pod dimensions: 110.5 x 25.9 x 15.8 mm
  • Pod weight: 45 g
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Battery: 1200 mAh
  • Usage range: automatic
  • Tank capacity: 2 ml

The kit includes:

  • Pod
  • USB cable
  • User manual

A Sleek and Efficient Pod

The Endura V is sleek. Only the model name is inscribed on one side. On the opposite side, you’ll find the manufacturer’s name. A small, discreet, triangular-shaped LED lights up when the pod is in use and with each inhale. A color code indicates the battery level. The Endura V operates by simple inhalation. There is no button to turn the pod on or off. The only adjustment is the airflow control.

On one side of the Endura V, an adjustable slider allows air to cool the sealed coil in the cartridge. This feature allows you to modify the perceived sensation from a restricted direct draw (fully open configuration) to a tighter indirect draw (configuration with reduced opening). The adjustment is precise and has enough firmness to stay in place.

On the opposite side, a USB-C connector allows for quick recharging of the built-in 1200 mAh battery. The supplied cartridge has an ideal consumption at 21 W, which corresponds to the pod’s maximum power. In direct inhalation, the battery may be insufficient for continuous use throughout the day without considering a quick recharge. A cartridge with lower power consumption can be considered for longer battery life.

The Endura V comes with a cartridge with a coil value of 0.6 ohm. The capacity is 2 ml, which is average for this pod format. The coil is sealed in the tank. When replacing, you must completely change the disposable cartridge. Other models are available as options with values of 0.8 and 1.2 ohms.

Refilling is done by removing the mouthpiece with a lateral push. The filling hole is covered with a slit membrane. Thin bottle tips are preferred for more comfort and to avoid any overflow.

The flavors with the Endura V are excellent.

No spitting during operation, whether in direct or indirect inhalation. The pod produces vapor without latency. The Endura V does its job well and does not disappoint, especially with fruity e-liquids.



  • Simplicity of the device
  • Aromatic rendering
  • Precise airflow
  • Finish quality


  • Disposable cartridge
  • Battery life with the 0.6 ohm cartridge

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review-endura-v-innokinThe Endura V is a very good pod. Ideal for moving away from tobacco combustion, it delivers excellent flavors. Its simplicity makes it accessible regardless of your vaping experience. We regret the use of disposable cartridges and limited battery life with the 0.6 ohm cartridge.