“The public is generally acutely aware of e-cigarettes and the principle of tobacco harm reduction is increasingly being recognised. Many, however, will not realise that there are many more safer nicotine products than just vaping,” points out the NNA.

New tobacco free snus products, have been introduced to the market in the UK and elsewhere.
Amongst the range of safer nicotine products, the charity mentions snus, pointing out that it remains banned across the European Union (EU) with the exception of Sweden. Due to an exemption carved out for the product, the Scandinavian country now boasts the lowest smoking rates in Europe. The NNA added that new tobacco free snus products, have now been introduced to the market in the UK and elsewhere.

Moreover, one should also consider heat not burn tobacco products (HnBs/HTPs) which studies have indicated are less safe than vaping products, but still far safer than regular cigarettes. Data from Japan has indicated that HnBs have reduced smoking prevalence in Japan by a third in less than three years.

Webinar about different safer alternatives

In the webinar the NNA discusses the possible role of these various products for smokers who are looking to reduce their risk from nicotine consumption. It asks consumers to share their experiences with these novel products and analyses how they might fit into the government’s Tobacco Control Plan for England “which pledges to maximise the availability of innovative nicotine products to tempt smokers away from combustible tobacco.”

The FDA Approves the Marketing of Snus as a Safer Alternative

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