Back Vaping. Beat Smoking’ is being launched at the heels of the infamous ‘COP 9’ conference, taking place this November, and the EU’s ‘Tobacco Products Directive’ (TPD) review, currently being discussed in Brussels. The WVA believes that these two major events will have a great effect on the directions lawmakers will take in regulating safer nicotine alternatives, and hopes that the campaign will give a voice to tobacco harm reduction experts.

A press release by the World Vapers Association (WVA) explained that this year will be a critical one in the shaping of health policies worldwide. “2021 is a critical year for public health policies globally. Two major milestones will determine if Governments grab the opportunity to save 200 million lives, or make decisions that will limit smokers’ access to life-changing quit tools. The global ‘COP 9’ conference, taking place this November, will set the direction for anti-smoking and vaping policies worldwide. And the EU’s ‘Tobacco Products Directive’ laws, currently being discussed in Brussels, will act as the benchmark for vaping policies globally.”

The group’s director Michael Landl, emphasized the concern that world leaders will succumb to the pressure brought on by these two events. “There is a risk that global leaders at COP 9 and EU level – under pressure from anti-vaping activists – will introduce laws that would treat vaping the exact same as smoking. This would spell disaster for vapers, for smokers and for public health. Millions of vapers may be forced back to smoking due to tax hikes, flavour bans, and other restrictions on vaping accessibility.”

The campaign aims to expose the scientific evidence related to vaping

Landl said that the “Back Vaping. Beat Smoking” campaign aims to expose the scientific evidence related to vaping for smoking cessation. “The weight of research and real-world evidence shows that progressive vaping policies can help millions of smokers to quit. Yet vaping remains under threat as decision-makers face pressure from anti-vaping organisations. Our campaign will make sure the evidence and the voices of vapers are heard, so that Governments will take the opportunity to save 200 million lives”.

“If they ignore the fact that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking and has already helped millions to quit smoking, then they will miss a golden opportunity to save lives. Nearly 200 million lives can be saved if the right vaping policies are introduced, and 2021 is an absolutely critical year if this is to be achieved,” he continued.

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