A complicated question

We have responded to hundreds and hundreds of questions on this website. As things stand, to find out which e-cigarette brand is the best, you would have to ask several people in our team. Why? Because there is not just one e-cigarette brand. There are many manufacturers, with very different models, and new products coming onto the market every week. As such, devices are constantly evolving, and rankings can change day by day.

So, between Joyetech, Aspire, Eleaf or Kanger to name but a few, which brand is absolutely the best pick?

If you look at technical progress in the vaping world since 2008, you can’t rule out Joyetech. Over the years, this Chinese manufacturer has masterfully maintained its technical leadership. Clearomizers, batteries, box mods, pods, Joyetech is everywhere. But what about the manufacturer Aspire? The Nautilus clearomizer certainly revolutionised vaping in its day. And Eleaf? Hasn’t the iStick Pico also made its mark?

If we are ranking solely from a historical point of view, we can pick Joyetech as the best e-cigarette brand without the slightest hesitation. However, if the technical specifications currently available are taken into consideration, disregarding the past, Eleaf performs extremely well and clearly comes out on top among the best brands at the moment as their gear is affordable, good quality, and highly popular.

Which e-cigarette brand is the best?

According to the sales statistics collected from specialist stores and based on the scores obtained in our device tests, here is the list of the best e-cigarette brands to date: Joyetech, Eleaf, Innokin, Aspire, Geek Vape, Wismec, Augvape, Asmodus, Smok, and UD.

This list is based on the opinion of the journalists specialised in device tests in the Vaping Post team and on data collected from companies in the sector. This ranking, weighted based on our selection criteria (value for money, performance, ergonomics, vaping quality, etc.), is subject to change as new devices are released.


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