Vaping is not only found the be the most effective, but also the preferred smoking cessation method by smokers due to the hand to mouth motion it entails.
Nicotine patches are available over the counter at most pharmacies, with a 15mg to 22mg dose generally considered a good starting point for most smokers. Just like other NRTs, they aim to reduce nicotine cravings by slowly releasing small amounts of the compound through the skin.

A large 2016 study had analysed the effectiveness of three smoking cessation treatments: nicotine patches, the prescription drug Varenicline, and a combined treatment with the patch and nicotine lozenges. The researchers followed 1086 smokers who had been randomized into 3 groups as per the above NRTs.

At a six month checkpoint, 23% of those using the nicotine patch, 24% of those taking Varenicline, and 27% of those on the combination treatment, had managed to quit smoking. While after one year, 21% of those using the nicotine patch, 19% of those taking Varenicline, and 20% of those using the combination treatment were still abstinent.

Vapes preferred by smokers due to hand to mouth motion

Meanwhile, a 2019 randomized trial of vaping products, had clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation. Carried out by a team from London’s Queen Mary University and supported by the National Institute for Health Research, Health Technology Assessment Programme and Cancer Research UK, the study followed nearly 900 smokers through their quit attempts and looked at any symptoms they experienced as well as their success at quitting.

The participants were randomly divided into two groups. Members of one group were given a conventional NRT of their choice (including nicotine patches or combinations of different products if they wanted it) while the other group were given a second-generation e-cigarette, a bottle of 18mg/ml liquid and advice on buying more juice.

After one year the study subjects were assessed on their smoking status, including biochemical tests to prove that those claiming to have quit smoking, had actually done so. The researchers found that the NRT group had a 9.9% abstinence rate at one year (surprisingly high since previous studies had found NRT to be only 5-7% effective). However, the e-cigarette group were almost twice as successful, with an abstinence rate of 18%.

Countless other studies and testimonials by vapers support this finding. To date vaping is not only found the be the most effective, but also the preferred smoking cessation method by smokers due to the hand to mouth motion it entails. This mimics the action of smoking, hence makes it easier for smokers to transition from smoking to not smoking.

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