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Study Explores Smoking Cessation Aids And Strategies in Norway

In Norway smoking rates have dropped from 30% in 2001 to 12% in 2018.The study titled “Smoking cessation aids and strategies: a population-based survey...

US CDC Discusses Major Boom in Nicotine Pouch Sales

Swedish snus had fewer health risks than cigarettes, while NPs contain less toxins than snus.Published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA),...

Swedish Study Suggests Vaping Increases Risk For Blood Clots

The Swedish research team said that because of their nicotine content, besides blood clots, vaping may even damage small blood vessels and raise heart...

How Effective Are Nicotine Patches For Smoking Cessation?

Vaping is not only found the be the most effective, but also the preferred smoking cessation method by smokers due to the hand to...

Systematic Review: Vapers More Likely to Remain Abstinent From Smoking 

The study compared the effectiveness of nicotine e-cigs with licensed nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) and nicotine-free based control conditions, for smoking cessation. Titled, “A...

A Self-Help Smoking Cessation Intervention Designed for Dual Users 

A smoking cessation plan designed for dual users should include e-cigarette-specific strategies used by successful quitters.Studies keep indicating that most vapers use e-cigarettes as...

The Sad Demise of The Voke Nicotine Inhaler

Called Voke, this innovative product delivers rapid nicotine craving relief without heat, combustion or vapour, and had been in the making for years. It...

New Study Links Nicotine Exposure to Breast Cancer Metastasis

Cigarette smoking has been associated with a higher incidence of breast cancer spread, or metastasis, lowering the survival rate by 33% at diagnosis, however...