With an all-metal battery box and a discreet, chic look, the Flexus Q has plenty of strong points. Its resistance coils are excellent for a very gentle vape. Aspire is doing it in style with this pod delivering great performances.

Technical specs

Pod dimensions 112.8×22.8×14.2mm
Pod weight 54.4g
Charging USB-C
Battery 700 mAh
Range of use Automatic
Tank capacity 2ml

What’s in the box?

  • Pod
  • Spare parts
  • USB cable
  • User guide

It’s got everything

The Flexus Q tank fits on top of the battery body. It is transparent and slightly tinted. It’s easy to see the level of e-liquid remaining in the cartridge without having to remove it. The mouthpiece is shaped like a recorder mouthpiece. It is nice to vape with even for those used to more traditional drip tips.

The pod is charged via a USB-C connection. We will come back to this point as, despite its rather classic look for a pod, it is one of the main strengths of the Flexus Q. The battery is 700 mAh, meaning the pod’s battery life is in an acceptable range for its format.

On one side of the Flexus Q is a small fire button with an LED below it. The button has a perfect finish. There is no play or unpleasant click. The pod allows two types of firing, either by pressing the button, or by simply inhaling. The LED indicates the remaining charge in the battery by changing colour from green to blue and then red when it’s time to charge it. The vaping power can be adjusted (to one of three levels) by pressing the fire button three times.

On the other side is the name of the pod against a different background depending on the chosen colour. The range is fairly wide with single solid colours or colour gradients. You would have to be difficult not to find a model to suit you. The letter Q is decorated with a lightning flash. This little detail is not just to look pretty…we’ll get to that later!

The Flexus airflow system is adjusted using a little sliding button on the side of the pod. It allows the airflow to be reduced for a tighter draw. This is a good point, particularly to get different sensations depending on the liquid you use. We didn’t use it much during our tests because the coils provided in the box don’t really need this part to be adjusted at all.

Excellent vapour

The tank is very simply attached to the battery. Two thin lugs fit into the recipient part. It holds very well without the slightest lateral play. It’s a real plus point when you start vaping with the Flexus. Unless it takes a very bad fall, the tank will not come off by itself and you can put it in your bag or pocket without worrying you might find it in two bits.

The filling hole has a traditional silicone seal. It fits perfectly, no risk of it opening unexpectedly. With a volume of 2ml, use e-liquid bottles with narrow tips to avoid getting liquid all over your fingers. However, in this format, the whole pod makes sense.

The Flexus Q comes with two coils, the AF coil is 0.6 ohm and the mesh AF coil is 1 ohm. The 1 ohm coil is designed for mouth to lung (like a normal cigarette) whereas the 0.6 ohm coil is used for restricted direct to lung. Depending on individual preferences, this last coil can also be used for mouth to lung for a more dynamic vape. And that’s where the Flexus Q comes into its own. The flavours are ace!

The 1 ohm coil offers a powerful throat hit whatever the amount of nicotine used in the cartridge. For a first-time vaper, it’s a key reason to give up their cigarettes. A more experienced user can get excellent throat hits too with a classic or gourmet liquid.

The other 0.6 ohm coil can also hold its own. Vapour production is satisfactory and the flavours are there. You can produce small clouds for a discreet restricted direct draw.

We mentioned the USB-C port as one of the Flexus Q’s assets earlier, but why? Simply because the pod charges at lightning speed. In less than 10 minutes it is 80% charged!

This speed is particularly handy in daily life. Between two meetings, in the car or simply before you leave home, the Flexus can be ready really quickly. Avoiding long waits for your pod to be ready for use is also very welcome. If you take into account the quick charging, the quality of the coils and the level of the finish, the Flexus Q pod is far and away the best pod currently available for our team.

In summary

 What we like

  • Metal body
  • Excellent coils
  • Ultra-fast charging
  • Automatic or manual firing

 What we don’t like

  • Nothing
Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
E-liquid consumption
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review-flexus-q-aspireThe Flexus Q is an excellent pod. It charges at lightning speed, offers great performance and is stylish. An excellent product for everyone who likes a discreet, efficient vape.