Large volume

The disposable X6000 by GeekBar is one of the collection of large disposables. It is tubular in shape and charges up quickly for greater convenience. Its 5% nicotine content (50 mg/ml) makes it ideal to stop smoking.

Technical specs

Puff dimensions 110 x 30mm
Puff weight 62.5g
Charging USB-C
Tank capacity 14ml
Number of puffs 6000

What’s in the box?

  • Puff

A large disposable

The X6000 comes in individual plastic wrapping. At the base and the top end of the disposable, a protective silicone cap protects the USB-C connector and the mouthpiece. Each X6000 comes in a box marked with the number of puffs, the nicotine content, the amount of e-liquid and the chosen flavour. All the warnings concerning the use of nicotine are clearly visible. On the back of the package are details of the e-liquid, which contains PG, VG, synthetic and natural flavours. The product is prohibited for minors.

The top of the disposable is made of transparent moulded plastic. The assembly is perfect and you can’t feel any flaws when you pick it up. The mouthpiece is long and slim. It is adapted to mouth to lung vaping (like when smoking a cigarette). Despite its large size, the X6000 produces fine, light vapour, ideal for someone who wants to stop smoking. Its nicotine content of 50mg/ml makes it ideal to wean yourself off cigarettes effectively.

Underneath the X6000 a USB-C port enables you to charge the 630 mAh battery. If you want to use it exclusively during the day, you will need to charge the battery or supplement it with a second disposable. A small hole enables the air to enter the coil and cool it down. This is consistent with the type of draw.

The soft-touch finish on the battery body is pleasant to hold and stops the disposable slipping, even when your hands are damp. It is perfect and comfortable. “Geek Bar” is discreetly marked on it.

The chosen flavour is also marked at the bottom of the disposable. It is both discreet and practical when you use different models. It just takes a quick glance to remind yourself of the flavour you’re vaping. The vaping experience is excellent. The hit is ultra-powerful. The flavours are delicate. The aromas are not exaggerated, but sufficiently strong to easily recognise the flavour. In our tests, we preferred the menthol and strawberry milkshake flavours. Its 14ml volume means you can vape for ages. We thought the 6,000 puffs claim was a bit excessive. The duration and frequency of the puffs specific to each vaper have to be taken into consideration. This can mean a different number of puffs in total. In all cases though, this disposable allows you to vape for several days.

The X6000 comes in numerous fruity flavours (currently no less than 10) and a menthol version. There is sufficient choice to cover everyone’s preferences.

In summary

 What we like

  • Quality of flavour
  • Powerful hit
  • Rechargeable
  • Amount of e-liquid

 What we don’t like

  • Nothing

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review-geek-bar-x6000-geekbarThe X6000 is a good disposable that’s easy to use. It delivers excellent flavours and a powerful hit, making it an effective way to quit smoking. We like that you can refill it too.